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wifi led controller for home lighting automation

by:Demo     2020-08-20
Lighting control is becoming more intelligent and energy efficient today.
WiFi LED controller is the perfect solution for intelligent control of LED lighting.
It enables the user to turn the lights on/off directly on the smartphone, adjust the LED Light module intensity, color and perform more other operations.
The WiFi control system consists of a controller for a WiFi transmitter, LED dimmer, or a built-in WiFi module
Dimmable LED lights.
The transmitter is generally a smartphone with a light control APP, which is connected to the WiFi network of the controller and signals.
The controller establishes a WLAN network, receives the signal from the smartphone and converts it to a dimming signal output.
The LED light is connected to the controller and receives the dimming output.
Before you use it, you must download the app that is compatible with the dimmer or controller.
Once the LED LED Light module is connected and powered on to the dimmer or controller, the controller will establish a WLAN network.
Then search and connect the smartphone WLAN to the controller network.
Run the app and you can control the lights.
The application has basic functions, including on/off, light intensity adjustment of monochrome LED lights, color temperature adjustment of double white LED lights and RGB color adjustment, discoloration effect of RGB lights.
Friendly interface and easy to use.
In addition, it enables users to save and recall light intensity, color, or change effects as scenes.
One of the most intelligent features is that it has timing.
You can set a timer for the LED light depending on the intensity of the light you want, color or change effect.
Intelligent control enables you to control multiple areas (areas)
For example, the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc, you can control them individually or synchronously.
Since the PWM control of the receiver is very good, the brightness can be smooth and adjustable, without any flashing, the switch can be turned on/off gradually instead of suddenly turning on/off, which can hurt your eyes.
One mobile device can control multiple receivers, and 8 different mobile devices can control each receiver to the maximum extent.
Many other features such as memory function and operation return function for storing preferred brightness are available.
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