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Five More Patented Technical Certificates Approved In 2019

In 2019, Demo Light Engine made great progress in three major direction "integrated circuit research & development, solar controller, and high-voltage linear program". Related research results have been confirmed by the Chinese national intellectual property office with 4 utility model patent certificates. They are,

( 1 ) An optically-controlled no-flickering potentiometer dimming circuit, Serial No. ZL2018 2 1665205.1.

( 2 ) A solar controller circuit, Serial No. ZL2018 2 1665229.7.

( 3 ) An universal 3.2-3.7V Li-battery solar control module, Serial No. ZL2018 2 1665599.0.

( 4 ) Red and White color temperature inter-change under High voltage linear constant current circuit for super high power 400W, Serial No. ZL2018 2 1665598.6.

These technologies will be respectively applied to solar energy street lamps, high-power lights and other related products. We are proud of our strong technical team with these achievements to prove our own strength in the DOB lighting field.

Technology innovation is the source of company development. Demo light engine persists in long-term independent research and development for the DOB technological innovation to create a complete patent system in DOB field. The number of patents has been increasing year by year.

Through these advanced research progress, we have created a series of safety-leading solutions in the DOB lighting field, which have been applied to various key industries and projects, serving thousands of customers. In the future, Demo will continue to improve the company's intellectual property management system and related work, play the advantages of independent intellectual property, promote technological innovation, strengthen the core competitiveness of the company, to provide customers with more safe, efficient, leading products and services!

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