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0-10V Dimmable Inergrated AC LED Module


● High efficiency, zero power consumption, smooth dimming curve and no flickering.
● Applicable to linear constant current circuit and no external control module needed.
● Compatible to all kinds of 0-10V dimmers to reach non-polar dimming.
● Accessible to various types of intelligent lights to make smart control.

220V Intelligent Control Streetlight AC LED Module


● Constant current IC control. No external driver is needed.
● Isolation control mode, shielding SCM from interfering of commercial electric system.
● Light control and timing control.
● Support Remote control.

AC LED Modult With Tri-color Temperature Interchange and TRAIC Dimming


● Tri-color Temperature Interchange by swtiching on/off control
● Support thyristor dimming
● Power-off memory function

Intelligent Induction AC LED Module


● Radar Induction, 8-10m distance detective
● IR Induction, 10-13m distance detective
● Acoustic control + Light control

T24 Certification Standard Conforming Triac Dimmable AC LED Module


● High PF:>0.9,Low Flickering:Flickering Factor<15%
● Compatible to Main stream brand dimmers in the market, no flickering
● Meeting requirements of T24 certification

Watercraft Emergency AC LED Module


● Input Voltage: AC36V
● Power Outage Emergency Startup Function, DC3.7V
● Over-charging, Over-discharging and Over temperature Protection

APP Control AC LED Module


● 2.4G Intelligent Control.


Long-distance control/
Supportlong-distance control via mobilphone APP.


Intelligent centralized control/
Built-in intelligent integrated control module,supporting to realize dimming, color temperature
change, timed switching on/off, user-defined background lighting profile and other relatedfunctions


Automatic networking/
Workable under RF4.0Mode, supporting bilateral communication between two intelligent AC LED
modules, automaticly forming communication network, accomplishing synchronized dimming
control among intelligent AC LED modules.

400W Fish-gathering AC LED Module


● Constant current IC control, intelligently Interchangeable between red and white color.
● Stable performance, dependable and long lifetime.

Intelligent Solar Streetlight AC LED Module


● With high-reliability SCM, realizing intelligent control including light control + timing control + radar induction in solar streetlights.
● Constant current control with self-developed driving IC.

● Over-charging and over-discharging protection.

● Intelligent power-keeping function, adjusting current output of the AC module based on rechargeable battery’s fuel and capacity.

● Automatic activating function,

IR remote control function

4 different working modes for options.

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