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uv light projection gets makeover with high - quality led lighting

by:Demo     2020-08-01
The new generation of uv led lights not only changes the quality of UV projections, but also makes it easier for designers and production companies to apply UV Rays to their projects.
Elation Professional offers two new generation uv led lighting products-Antari UV Spot 670 and Antari UV Wash 2000, each with a distinct advantage over conventional uv led lights.
Because they use high
Mass, medical grade LEDs that emit UV light in the 36 nm range, barely emit visible light from UV point 670 and UV cleaning 2000, meaning only UV reactive materials glow and nothing else.
When illuminated for UV, you only want the projected surface to glow without seeing any middle part
Justin Jenkins, owner of creative production and design, explained that after buying several Antari UV Spot 670 fixtures as stock, one of the first companies to take advantage of the new possibilities of UV lighting.
UV Spot 670 is very eye-catching for us and stands out compared to other uv led fixtures on the market.
With traditional uv led lights, you can still see the light and you can still see the ambient light in purple, which is a problem.
But UV Spot 670 eliminates a lot of this light.
Jenkins believes that UV Spot 670 is the perfect device they need for the EDM show they are designing and making, called \"color/neon riot Tour\"in-the-
Dark paint shows paint as the star of the show.
The cannon fired UV paint into the crowd, and fans bought several bottles of paint to cover themselves from head to foot.
Dan Wyatt, the production designer and general manager of CPD Austin, said that the first performance was held at the Austin concert hall on February, and what is the difference between these fixtures.
I have been doing paint exhibitions for several years and this is the first time paint really stands out.
The photos taken from the show illustrate everything.
As I walked through the venue, I could see the paint glowing on the fans.
Before the Austin show, we only got 12 units, used 8 units on stage, and used 4 units in FOH.
Our customers at the Oh Bleep event were impressed with these units and we will add more units to the color tour status in the fall as more shows are added across the US.
CPD has used UV lighting in the past, but because of the UV Spot 670, they want to incorporate UV into more projects, which is also because the device is easy to handle.
Old UV rays are heavy and painful to set up, says Jenkins.
The UV Spot 670 is compact in structure, light in weight and only over 5 pounds, easy to install, with universal power supply and daisy chain power supply.
Once people see it without ambient lighting and see how easy it is to set it up, it is very persuasive.
Now, we do not hesitate to direct the customer to UV in due course.
In addition to using the highest quality durable LEDs, both the Antari UV Spot 670 and the Antari UV Wash 2000 use special silicone lenses that are resistant to UV and slow to degrade.
Most of the other plastic lenses turn brown and deteriorate after several years of use, but these will last for 25 years or more.
UV Spot 670 features 9x1. 9W high-
Power UV led, power 6760 mW, 15-
The UV Wash 2000 has a beam angle of 27x1 degrees. 9W high-
Power UV led with power of 20290 mW, 25-
Angle of beam.
Both units have either DMX or manual control with a peak wavelength of 36 nm.
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