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High Quality 10W 70 Ra DC PCB Input LED Module for LED Streetlight

High Quality 10W 70 Ra DC PCB Input LED Module for LED Streetlight
5000 pcs
5 years
CE, CB, RoHS, Reach, FCC, UL, EMC, C-Tick, CCC, PSE, LVD, Energy Star
Quality System:
Payment Channel:
T/T, Alipay, Westernunion and PayPal
Delivery Lead-Time:
12 - 15 days
Start Port:
Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

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Main Technical Data

Input Voltage

DC 3.2V 

Power Consumption


Surge Class


Color Rendering Index

70 Ra

Luminous Efficiency

173 LM/W

Thermal Conductivity




Emitting Color

White Color

Certification Standard


  1. Efficient Illumination: This LED module provides efficient and powerful illumination, ensuring well-lit streets and enhanced visibility.

  2. High Quality Components: It is built with premium components that contribute to its durability and long lifespan.

  3. Weather-Resistant: This module is built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliability in outdoor applications.

  4. Long Lifespan: The module's robust construction and efficient design contribute to a long operational lifespan, reducing replacement and maintenance costs.

  5. Reduced Environmental Impact: It generates less heat and contains no harmful materials like mercury, making it environmentally friendly.

  6. Customization Options: Depending on your project requirements, there may be customization options available to meet specific lighting needs.

5 Years Warranty! Customized Design!



  1. Urban Roadways: Illuminate urban streets and roads with confidence. Our 10W LED module ensures clear visibility for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, enhancing safety in city environments.

  2. Residential Areas: Light up residential neighborhoods and communities efficiently. These modules are ideal for lighting up suburban streets and creating a secure and inviting atmosphere.

  3. Parking Lots: Ensure well-lit parking facilities for enhanced security. Our LED modules provide bright and reliable lighting, reducing the risk of accidents and theft.

  4. Commercial Areas: Illuminate commercial zones, shopping districts, and business centers. Our LED modules enhance the aesthetics of these areas while ensuring customers feel safe and comfortable.

  5. Industrial Zones: Provide dependable lighting in industrial settings. These modules withstand harsh conditions and deliver consistent illumination in factories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

  6. Public Parks: Enhance the beauty and safety of public parks. Our LED modules create a welcoming environment for evening strolls and outdoor activities.

  7. Campus Lighting: Illuminate school and university campuses effectively. Our LED modules enhance security and create a conducive learning environment.

  8. Pedestrian Walkways: Light up pedestrian pathways and sidewalks, ensuring the safety of pedestrians during nighttime hours.


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