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switching to led bulbs could save you more than rs.4,000 a year

by:Demo     2020-08-17
Turning to the LED bulb can save an average home of about Rs.
According to energy efficiency services, their electricity costs are £ 4,000 per year due to improved energy efficiency and lower replacement costs (EESL), a government-
Joint venture.
The national energy-saving fan program launched by the company on Thursday is expected to help reduce household electricity bills and national carbon dioxide emissions.
\"Assuming that each household has an average of five bulb points, and assuming that five incandescent lamps are replaced by LEDs, the energy savings per household will reach 1.
\"77 degrees a day, 649 degrees a year,\" EESL told Hindus in an email reply . \".
\"Treat the average tariff as rupee.
At 4 KW, the average household can save about rupees. 2,550 annually.
\"For households with more LED Light module bulbs and states with higher tariffs on electricity, these savings will increase proportionally.
For example, the average electricity bill in Delhi is rupee. 6.
82 each, saving Rs every year.
If five incandescent lamps are replaced with LED, it is 4,400.
In addition, LED bulbs have the advantage of longevity
They do not need to be replaced like incandescent or CFL bulbs.
According to EESL data, the life expectancy of LED bulbs is 25,000 hours (
Two years and 10 months or so)
In contrast, the CFL bulb is 8,000 hours and the incandescent lamp is 1,200 hours.
\"If consumers continue to use ICL (
Incandescent lamp)
At least Rs may be invested.
30 bulbs per year to keep them burning (
ICL with an average cost of Rs.
Usually no more than six months),” EESL said.
\"This means that consumers can save Rs at least during the service life of the LED.
1,250 by not buying regular bulbs often.
Power Minister Piyush Goyal has repeatedly stressed that the country will save 100 billion units of electricity per year by switching to LED, which he said translates into savings for Rs.
40,000 rupees for all families.
Switching to an led also helps the government achieve its carbon dioxide reduction targets, as lower power consumption will eventually lead to lower power production and hydrocarbon use.
According to the website of domestic efficient lighting scheme (DELP)
The government has sold nine vehicles.
As of April 6, the utilization of crore LED bulbs will result in a reduction of 26,451 tons of carbon dioxide per day, or nearly 10 million tons of carbon dioxide per year.
From its point of view, 10 million tons of carbon dioxide is equivalent to nearly 54 million of the value of burning coal.
According to the national program of street lamps, the government has transformed 7, 50, 780 street lamps into LED street lamps, which saves more than 2 according to the program\'s website.
Electricity in 72 lakh units per day.
And the new fan series will only add to this environment.
Friendly efforts
EESL said in a press release: \"The cooling needs of most households in India are met by fans, because ACs\'s penetration rate in households is still less than 10 per cent, following the announcement of its energy-saving fan series.
\"The average rating of fans installed and sold on the market is 75-
80 W, while the energy-saving fan is around 45-50 W.
\"There are 35 inefficient fans across the country.
If all of this is replaced by BEE 5
\"Star rated energy-saving fans, the country is expected to save 47 billion kilowatt hours a year, and the power load will be reduced by more than 12,250 MW,\" added EESL . \".
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