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100W 110LM/W CE RoHS Certification High Power 220V AC Input Voltage Round LED Module PCB PCBA for LED Mine Light

100W 110LM/W CE RoHS Certification High Power 220V AC Input Voltage Round LED Module PCB PCBA for LED Mine Light
500 pcs
3 years
CE, CB, RoHS, Reach, FCC, UL, EMC, C-Tick, CCC, PSE, LVD, Energy Star
Quality System:
Payment Channel:
T/T, Alipay, Westernunion and PayPal
Delivery Lead-Time:
12 - 15 days
Start Port:
Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

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Main Technical Data

Model No.




Input Voltage

AC 220-240V 50Hz

Input Current


Luminous Efficiency

110 LM/W

Color Rendering Index

Ra 80

Anti-Surge Class


Thermal Conductivity


PCB Size


Emitting Color

White color

Insulation Class


Operating Temperature

-20deg ~ 45deg


  1. Energy Efficiency: Featuring an impressive luminous efficacy of 110lm/W, this module provides bright and efficient lighting while minimizing energy consumption, contributing to energy savings and reduced operating costs.

  2. Long Warranty: Backed by a 3-year warranty, this LED module offers peace of mind, ensuring reliability and durability in demanding environments such as mine lighting.

  3. Certified Quality: With CE and RoHS certifications, it meets stringent quality and environmental standards, guaranteeing safety and compliance with regulations.

  4. Wide Voltage Compatibility: Designed for a 220V AC input voltage, this module is compatible with standard electrical systems, simplifying installation and integration.

  5. Versatile Form Factor: The round shape of this LED module makes it versatile and suitable for various mine lighting configurations.

  6. High Durability: Engineered to withstand harsh mining conditions, it is built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

5 Years Warranty! Customized Design!



  1. Underground Mining: Illuminate underground tunnels, shafts, and working areas in mines, enhancing safety and visibility for miners during operations.

  2. Surface Mining: Provide high-intensity lighting for surface mining operations, including open-pit mining, quarries, and excavation sites, optimizing productivity and safety.

  3. Industrial Facilities: Equip industrial facilities such as processing plants, smelters, and foundries with robust and efficient lighting solutions, improving worker safety and productivity.

  4. Construction Sites: Light up construction sites within mines, enabling safe and efficient work operations during nighttime hours or in poorly lit areas.

  5. Heavy Machinery: Illuminate the operation areas of heavy machinery and equipment used in mining and excavation, ensuring precise and safe operation.

  6. Emergency Lighting: Utilize these LED modules in emergency lighting systems within mines, guaranteeing reliable and high-powered illumination during power outages or critical situations.

  7. Hazardous Environments: Install this module in hazardous locations within mining facilities, where durability, safety, and performance are essential.

  8. Tunnel Lighting: Enhance the illumination in mining tunnels, boreholes, and underground passages, creating a safer working environment for miners.

  9. Exploration: Support exploration activities in mines with powerful and efficient lighting, ensuring accurate data collection and analysis.

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Technical Background

Total of 20+ R&D and technical Personnel consisting of experienced experts from high level research institutes in micro-electronic engineering, lighting engineering and IC design and development. Our company has obtained 10+ key patents with proprietary intellectual property rights of AC constant current technology in LED lighting field. Totally we have supplied 3000+ solutions for customers around the world.

Quality Assurance

At our organization, we adhere to the ISO9001 quality management system as an integral part of our operations. Our commitment to quality is evident throughout our production process, beginning with rigorous incoming quality control (QC) measures and extending to meticulous outgoing tests for all finished products. With a comprehensive range of testing facilities at our disposal, every LED module we supply undergoes thorough and exhaustive testing to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability.

After-sale Service

We take pride in offering a dedicated and proficient after-sales service team. In the event that any defects are identified after receiving your order package, you can promptly reach out to our sales representative for assistance. Should the quality issue be attributed to DEMO's design and manufacturing, rest assured that we will take full responsibility. We will initiate the necessary repairs on the boards and, after rigorous retesting, promptly send them back to you to ensure your complete satisfaction. Your peace of mind and satisfaction are our top priorities.


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