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100 LM/W 30W CE RoHS Certification 220V SMD DOB LED Square PCB PCBA Module for LED Streetlight
1000 pcs
5 years
CE, CB, RoHS, Reach, FCC, UL, EMC, C-Tick, CCC, PSE, LVD, Energy Star
Quality System:
Payment Channel:
T/T, Alipay, Westernunion and PayPal
Delivery Lead-Time:
12 - 15 days
Start Port:
Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

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Main Technical Data

Model No.




Input Voltage

AC 220-240V   50Hz

Input Current


Luminous Efficiency

100 LM/W

Color Rendering Index

Ra 80

PCB Size


Thermal Conductivity


Operating Temperature


Emitting Color

White Color

Certification Standard


  1. Broad Voltage Compatibility: Designed for 220V AC input voltage, making it compatible with standard electrical systems and simplifying installation.

  2. Customizable Solutions: Depending on specific streetlight requirements, customization options may be available, allowing you to tailor the module to your project needs.

  3. Long Operational Lifespan: High-quality components and a robust design contribute to a long operational lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

  4. Uniform and Bright Illumination: Offers even light distribution, reducing dark spots and ensuring uniform brightness across the illuminated area.

  5. Easy Maintenance: Minimal maintenance is required due to its long lifespan, saving both time and resources for streetlight maintenance teams.

  6. Enhanced Street Safety: Improved lighting quality enhances road safety, reducing accidents and improving overall traffic flow.

  7. Versatile Application: Suitable for various streetlighting projects, including urban roadways, residential areas, commercial districts, and more.

5 Years Warranty! Customized Design!



  1. Residential Areas: Enhances visibility and security in residential neighborhoods, making streets safer for residents and visitors, especially during nighttime.

  2. Commercial Districts: Supports vibrant commercial districts by providing bright and energy-efficient lighting for shopping areas, enhancing visibility and security.

  3. Public Parks: Illuminates public parks and recreational areas, promoting safety and allowing residents to enjoy outdoor spaces after dark.

  4. Pedestrian Walkways: Ensures well-lit pedestrian walkways, improving safety for those walking or jogging in the evenings or early mornings.

  5. Bike Lanes: Enhances visibility in bike lanes, promoting cycling as an eco-friendly and healthy transportation option.

  6. School Campuses: Provides safety lighting for school campuses, parking lots, and surrounding areas, ensuring students and staff can move safely during evening activities.

  7. Public Transportation Stops: Improves visibility at public transportation stops such as bus stops and tram stations, ensuring passengers' safety while waiting for transportation.

  8. Parking Lots: Enhances visibility and safety in parking lots, making it easier for drivers to navigate and find parking spaces.

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Technical Background

With a formidable technical team comprising over 20 experts specializing in micro-electronics, electronic engineering, and optical engineering, we have successfully secured more than 10 key patents within the AC LED lighting domain. Over the past years, we have proudly delivered tailored solutions to more than 3,000 customers worldwide.


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