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install 2015-up ford f150 raptor style led lighting kit

by:Demo     2020-08-31
Ford Raptor is a great truck from the factory and looks mean and the performance is ready.
Many people like the Raptor Grill and want to put it on the truck.
That\'s why we created this iJDMTOY Ford Raptor style LED grill lamp kit and you can do it in 2015-up Ford F-150.
Remove from the front grille.
To remove the grill, there are some clips and bolts on the top of the grill, and two bolts next to the headlights, which you need to remove first.
Now that the grille has fallen off the truck, we will focus on the grille. Grab the L-
The mounting bracket of the shape and install it on the Raptor LED lighting kit using the top two openings.
Screw in the bolt to fix the L-
When you flip over the Raptor LED grille lighting kit, you will notice that there are wires.
After assembly, these wires will be hidden to make the wires invisible.
Now install the Raptor LED lighting assembly behind the grill.
You will use two center openings and use the included screws to secure the Raptor LED grille lighting kit.
Now that everything is installed, you will notice that the LED transmitter of the Raptor grille lighting kit peeps from the top of the grille opening and cannot see the wires.
Put the grill back together with all the components you started using.
Connect the wire to the headlights /-
Test to make sure everything is OK and enjoy your new Raptor style LED grill lighting, the installation of this Ford Raptor style LED LED Light module kit is straight forward and it allows you
This is a great addition to your 2015up Ford F-
150, make it look aggressive.
There is no need to modify to install it, which makes the installation easier.
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