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SCR Dimmable 100W 220V AC LED Board V3 PCBA Samsung LM301B LED & 660nm DOB LED Board For LED Grow Light

SCR Dimmable 100W 220V AC LED Board V3 PCBA Samsung LM301B LED & 660nm DOB LED Board For LED Grow Light
500 pcs
3 years
CE, CB, RoHS, Reach, FCC, UL, EMC, C-Tick, CCC, PSE, LVD, Energy Star
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T/T, Alipay, Westernunion and PayPal
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12 - 15 days
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Main Technical Data

Input Voltage

AC 190-265V 50Hz

Power Consumption


Insulation Class


Anti-Surge Class


Color Rendering Index


Luminous Efficiency

130 LM/W

Thermal Conductivity


PCB Size



Samsung LM301B 3000K + 660nm 

Certification Standard


  1. SCR Dimmable: This LED board features SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) dimming technology, allowing precise control over light intensity, perfect for optimizing plant growth stages.

  2. High Power: With a robust 100W power rating, this LED board provides ample illumination for plants in indoor cultivation environments.

  3. Driverless AC Design: The driverless AC design simplifies the lighting system, reducing complexity, enhancing reliability, and minimizing the risk of driver failure.

  4. Advanced LED Technology: Equipped with Samsung LM301B LEDs and 660nm DOB LEDs, it offers a balanced spectrum of light, promoting healthy plant growth from seedling to harvest.

  5. Wide Voltage Compatibility: Designed to operate with a 220V AC input voltage, it is compatible with standard electrical systems, making installation straightforward.

  6. Optimized for Grow Lights: Tailored for use in LED grow lights, it provides the right combination of spectrum and intensity required for robust and healthy plant development.

  7. Enhanced Spectrum: The inclusion of 660nm DOB LEDs enhances the red spectrum, which is crucial for flowering and fruiting stages of plant growth.

3 Years Warranty! Customized Design!



  1. Indoor Hydroponics: Enhance hydroponic systems by providing optimal and customizable light spectra for hydroponically grown plants, ensuring robust growth and high yields.

  2. Vertical Farming: Implement vertical farming solutions, maximizing space utilization and crop production with energy-efficient and dimmable LED lighting.

  3. Greenhouses: Upgrade greenhouse lighting to boost year-round crop production, enabling precise control over light intensity and spectrum.

  4. Plant Research: Facilitate plant research and experimentation in controlled environments, where light conditions play a critical role in scientific investigations.

  5. Cannabis Cultivation: Support cannabis cultivation by providing the specific light spectrum required for various growth stages, from vegetative to flowering.

  6. Indoor Gardening: Enable indoor gardening enthusiasts to grow a wide range of plants, herbs, and vegetables year-round with efficient and tunable LED lighting.

  7. Specialty Crop Cultivation: Tailor lighting for specialty crops such as medicinal herbs, microgreens, and exotic plants that demand specific light conditions.

  8. Nursery and Seedling Growth: Promote healthy seedling and nursery plant development with precise light control, ensuring strong and vigorous young plants.

  9. Customized Lighting Systems: Incorporate this LED board into custom lighting systems designed for specific plant species and cultivation goals.

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Technical Background

With a formidable technical team comprising over 20 experts specializing in micro-electronics, electronic engineering, and optical engineering, we have successfully secured more than 10 key patents within the AC LED lighting domain. Over the past years, we have proudly delivered tailored solutions to more than 3,000 customers worldwide.


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