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SCR Dimmable 100W 220V AC LED Board V3 PCBA Samsung LM301B LED & 660nm DOB LED Board For LED Grow Light

SCR Dimmable 100W 220V AC LED Board V3 PCBA Samsung LM301B LED & 660nm DOB LED Board For LED Grow Light
500 pcs
3 years
CE, CB, RoHS, Reach, FCC, UL, EMC, C-Tick, CCC, PSE, LVD, Energy Star
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T/T, Alipay, Westernunion and PayPal
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12 - 15 days
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Main Technical Data

Input Voltage

AC 190-265V 50Hz

Power Consumption


Insulation Class


Anti-Surge Class


Color Rendering Index


Luminous Efficiency

130 LM/W

Thermal Conductivity


PCB Size



Samsung LM301B 3000K + 660nm 

Certification Standard


  1. SCR Dimmable: This LED board features SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) dimming technology, allowing precise control over light intensity, perfect for optimizing plant growth stages.

  2. High Power: With a robust 100W power rating, this LED board provides ample illumination for plants in indoor cultivation environments.

  3. Driverless AC Design: The driverless AC design simplifies the lighting system, reducing complexity, enhancing reliability, and minimizing the risk of driver failure.

  4. Advanced LED Technology: Equipped with Samsung LM301B LEDs and 660nm DOB LEDs, it offers a balanced spectrum of light, promoting healthy plant growth from seedling to harvest.

  5. Wide Voltage Compatibility: Designed to operate with a 220V AC input voltage, it is compatible with standard electrical systems, making installation straightforward.

  6. Optimized for Grow Lights: Tailored for use in LED grow lights, it provides the right combination of spectrum and intensity required for robust and healthy plant development.

  7. Enhanced Spectrum: The inclusion of 660nm DOB LEDs enhances the red spectrum, which is crucial for flowering and fruiting stages of plant growth.

5 Years Warranty! Customized Design!



  1. Indoor Hydroponics: Enhance hydroponic systems by providing optimal and customizable light spectra for hydroponically grown plants, ensuring robust growth and high yields.

  2. Vertical Farming: Implement vertical farming solutions, maximizing space utilization and crop production with energy-efficient and dimmable LED lighting.

  3. Greenhouses: Upgrade greenhouse lighting to boost year-round crop production, enabling precise control over light intensity and spectrum.

  4. Plant Research: Facilitate plant research and experimentation in controlled environments, where light conditions play a critical role in scientific investigations.

  5. Cannabis Cultivation: Support cannabis cultivation by providing the specific light spectrum required for various growth stages, from vegetative to flowering.

  6. Indoor Gardening: Enable indoor gardening enthusiasts to grow a wide range of plants, herbs, and vegetables year-round with efficient and tunable LED lighting.

  7. Specialty Crop Cultivation: Tailor lighting for specialty crops such as medicinal herbs, microgreens, and exotic plants that demand specific light conditions.

  8. Nursery and Seedling Growth: Promote healthy seedling and nursery plant development with precise light control, ensuring strong and vigorous young plants.

  9. Customized Lighting Systems: Incorporate this LED board into custom lighting systems designed for specific plant species and cultivation goals.

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Technical Background

Total of 20+ R&D and technical Personnel consisting of experienced experts from high level research institutes in micro-electronic engineering, lighting engineering and IC design and development. Our company has obtained 10+ key patents with proprietary intellectual property rights of AC constant current technology in LED lighting field. Totally we have supplied 3000+ solutions for customers around the world.


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