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after a long wait, led lights glow on highway in city

by:Demo     2020-08-27
On Wednesday night, HRD minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao turned on the LED lights installed in Visalakshinagar between Yanda and Hanumanthavaka and the zoo park.
The installation of the central LED lights ended the long wait for lighting on the National Road.
The 9 km-kilometer stretch between Hanumanthavaka and Kommadi has been in demand for lighting due to safety issues and frequent accidents.
Despite the administrative sanctions imposed on 2010, the agreement was signed on 2012.
After the contractor failed to perform the work, the poor quality pole complaint, the action between the contractor and the GVMC, the work was handed over to him again.
Of the required 300 Poles, 150 poles were erected from the extension section of the Hanumanthavaka to the Yendada petrol pump and about 4 lamps were installed. 5 km.
The extension beyond the komadi and Bhimili roads will be carried out later, Sir
Said Rao.
With the installation of more than 93,000 lamps, Visakhapatnam has become a famous city of LED lights, the minister said.
It also saves 40 power.
Up to 9000 LED lights will be installed soon.
He said 32 high mast lights will be installed at various busy intersections.
Two such lights will also be installed in Silparamam and zoo park. Mr.
Srinivasa Rao praised the efforts of GVMC in the protection of electricity and congratulated the Municipal Commissioner Pravin Kumar and the electrical engineer in the country-level. Mr.
Pravin Kumar and Ananda Rao, chief engineer, attended the meeting. Road-
The Municipal Commissioner saw the work of the road on Tuesday.
Say it will help to keep hygiene better.
The machine can sweep 1 km every hour. Mr.
Pravin Kumar said 10
Cat, UGD cleaner and septi-
Cleaning equipment only-
Complete \"Yane mabemi-
It will help to achieve the goal of Swachh Visakha.
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