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a selection of tools that are useful when making stained glass

by:Demo     2020-08-19
You can use a variety of tools to handle colored glass.
This list doesn\'t include everything you can buy, but they can make it easier for you to buy.
The items listed are tools, not consumables and materials.
Soldering iron Credit: eGDC ltd for welding lead parts connection.
Welding is also needed.
When soldering the copper foil together, soldering iron can also be used.
FluxFluxes, as a cleaner, helps weld lead sheets together to ensure a cleaner, stronger connection.
A damp sponge can be used to clean the soldering iron.
The soldering iron bracket is essentially, when the soldering iron is inserted, the soldering iron becomes very hot, and the bracket used to fix the soldering iron is essential to prevent accidents.
There are different types of stands;
The most common thing is probably the wire spiral put in the soldering iron.
Glass cutter credit: eGDC LtdThere is available with different types of glass cutters.
The cheapest is that there is no storage tank, but it should not be bought.
Lack of oil increases the chance of glass falling off and destroys the cut glass.
There are two types of knives with storage tanks.
The first one is held in the same way you hold the pen (1).
The second type has a pistol grip, which is easier to use, especially if you have a problem with a normal pentype (2).
You need some more oil (3)
For glass cutting machine.
A simple dropper (4)
The tool can then be used to refill the tool when it is empty.
Direct cut credit: eGDC LtdTo direct cut, using ruler and t-
Guide the square of the tool.
Flexible Ruler (1)
The shape that can be bent into shape will help to cut the curve.
This is a special kind of water-
Cooling grinder designed for decorative glass cutting.
Although it is on a surface, it is not a bench grinder.
The bench grinder is too powerful for this kind of work and can easily damage the glass sheet.
The glass grinder is used to grind the edges of the cut glass to make it cleaner and safer.
A cheaper option would be to archive the edges with the diamond sand.
Safety goggles credit: eGDC ltdsecurity goggles are essential, especially when a grinder is used, which can cause small pieces of glass to fall off.
There are different types from elastic (1)
, For people who wear on their ears like regular glasses (2).
You can also buy LED lights built in (a)
This can be directed at what you are doing.
If you wear all the safety glasses, it should be easy to fit the regular glasses.
Credit: eGDC LtdClampsClamps (1)
Can be used to keep parts of the project in place while working. PliersPliers (2)
Used to hold things without using hands directly, and without the need to be fully hands-free, long enough to use clips to hold them. Hammer (3)
Use with the panel pin, by hammer the pin into the surface used, to prevent a single glass sheet from moving around when the colored glass sheet is assembled.
The pins are not nailed next to the glass sheet as this can damage them.
Glass needs to be protected with lead or copper foil first;
The pin directly nailed to the edge of a piece of glass increases the possibility of glass damage.
A small, LED Light module hammer (
For example, toffee hammer)is fine.
Once a piece of glass is cut by glass, the running clamp (4)
Used to break the glass.
The choice is the cutting pliers, the ding-word pliers and the combination pliers.
The lead come knife or lead knife head is the lead used for edge glass fragments. The cutter (5)
Various shapes of lead used for cutting, such as C and U, can also be used for H and Y.
After use, the knife should be sharp lead so that it can always be cut clean.
This can be done with diamond sand.
Another option is the lead knife.
Fidgeting is also known as lathekin, fid (6)
If the lead channel is closed, it is used to open and broaden the lead channel so that they can be installed around the glass.
It can also be used for polishing copper foil.
Scissors (7)
Can be used for anything that needs to be cut, such as fine lead, copper foil, pattern and paper.
Tape measure (8)
It is very useful for measuring glass fragments, especially when the ruler is not big enough.
Knives (9)
It can also be used to open leads like fid to channel, or it can be used to press the leads later.
Cutting surface editing: eGDC ltdsomets must be relied upon when cutting glass.
When larger glass is used, a wooden surface covering a short pile of carpet can be used.
After cutting, clean the glass fragments and fragments with a small brush to prevent them from scratching other glass fragments.
Although the gloves are difficult to wear while working, the edges of the cut glass are very sharp.
These can be ground using a glass grinder, but you may want to wear gloves before that.
If you can\'t do this, it\'s a good idea to take the plaster.
Latex disposable gloves and glass gloves are also useful when handling sharp glass to protect your fingers.
Some liquids and substances used in colored glass, such as the aging liquid used to darken lead, should be prevented from entering the exposed skin.
Disposable gloves can be used for this purpose.
In addition to lead cames, cames can also be purchased in zinc.
Zinc is a harder material, and the lead come cutter is not enough to cut it.
But a hacksaw (
Or primary hacksaw)can be used.
The mitre block is also useful when cutting zinc with a hacksaw to make sure the angle is correct.
Wire cutters for cutting wires, for example, can be used to make hangers for color glass products being manufactured.
A brush used to brush off the glass and apply a flux, aging fluid, or other liquid if required.
Including hand brush and paint brush.
WoodWood can be used for a variety of purposes;
Such as cutting surfaces, manufacturing fixtures and construction projects.
During the construction of the project, a flat wooden surface can place various pieces of glass on top and secure there with a panel pin.
Woodworking tools if you need to make fixtures to make patterns that fit around the glass, woodworking tools can be used to make them from wood.
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