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what are the differences between led lights & normal ...

by:Demo     2020-08-10
Life, brightness, and efficiency are important factors in choosing lamps for any purpose.When the current is sent by a filament that generates heat, and the heat produces light, the standard incandescent lamp works.-LEDs (LEDs) produce light through a process called electric light, in which a substance acting by an electric field produces cold LED Light module.
Each type of bulb offers different brightness, wattage and energy efficiency.The efficiency of the bulb can be evaluated from the total life of the bulb, the annual cost, and the wattage used for light emission.Compared to the 50,000-hour life of incandescent lamps producing the same brightness, the average life of LED lights is 1,200 hours.
Produce the same amount of light as 60-The average power of the LED bulb is 7 watts.The energy efficiency of LED bulbs means that the average operating cost is about $30 per year, while the operating cost of incandescent lamps producing the same amount of light is $325.The brightness of the bulb is measured by lumens.
The bulb requires a certain amount of electricity, in Watts, to produce a certain amount of lumens.Led has significantly improved efficiency in using wattage to generate lumens.For example, to produce the low end of 450 lumens, the LED bulb needs five Watts and the incandescent lamp needs 40 watts.
In order to produce the high end of 2600 lumens, the LED bulb uses 25 Watts and the incandescent lamp needs 150 watts.In addition to cost savings, many homeowners switch to LED lights because they are more eco-friendly than incandescent lamps.Carbon dioxide emissions are an important factor in greenhouse gases.
With an average of 30 incandescent lamps per year, a household will produce 4500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.In contrast, if LED bulbs are used in the same household, it will only contribute 450 pounds of CO2 emissions.Both incandescent and LED bulbs face restrictions on use that affect homeowner\'s purchase decisions.
Incandescent lamps are affected by weather and atmospheric conditions that reduce the brightness or life of the bulb.Extreme cold and high humidity affect the performance of the bulb.Incandescent lamps are made of delicate glass shells and fine filaments, which may break due to contact or surge.
LED bulbs are affected by directional lighting;The light emitted by a single LED bulb will only illuminate the area directly below or ahead of the bulb.The LED bulb is also fairly small and requires several bulbs to create a complete fixture that provides enough light coverage.Another big problem with the use of LED bulbs in the home is that the LED lights do not emit real white light;On the contrary, the \"white\" LED light emits blue-Compared to many homeowners, hued light can\'t find a pleasant environment like real white.

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