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what? another efficient led light bulb from cree?

by:Demo     2020-08-24
For Cree, innovative games in the field of efficient LED lighting never seem to stop.
Just 18 months ago, Cree introduced a 60 W adjustable LED Light module and omni-
Directional LED bulbs at affordable prices ($12.
97 was launched for the first time before the utility rebate, eventually falling to $9. 97).
Now, they have launched a brand new production line of 60 W and 40 W, innovative \"4 W\"™This is an improvement to the existing-19 product.
The price starts at $7.
This is one of the lowest price LED bulbs at present.
Once an Energy Star certification is obtained, it may cost less at a local Home Depot that is eligible for a regional utility rebate.
Cree has an exclusive relationship with Home Depot, so it is currently the only place where these LEDs can be purchased from shelves (
In my local Home Depot in Rockland, Massachusetts, the old version retails for less than $5, along with rebates. 00).
New 60 W replacement-
19 bulbs consume 11 watts of energy and weigh two ounces, half of the previous one.
It lasts the same 25,000 hours and feels very much like the 60 w incandescent lamp it\'s going to replace (
I\'m holding every one in my hand).
They are about the same weight and are very similar in shape, although Cree bulbs grow about an hour older than conventional incandescent lamps.
The Cree bulb also has some obvious features that are obvious to casual observers: It is divided into four different parts, each of which has five slit, facing the bottom of the bulb.
There is an extra set of five slit at the top of the bulb.
Because they allow the waste heat to dissipate, the slit is there.
Based on the simple concept of heat rise, the company created an outlet at the top of the bulb to allow heat to escape while inhaling cooler air at the bottom. This feature -
Called Flow 4™Silk design-
Allows Cree to eliminate radiators used in previous iterations.
No radiator means lower cost.
This bulb has two more obvious features than conventional incandescent lamps: after unscrewing it, you can hold it in your hand.
You can\'t do this with incandescent because it\'s essentially a heater disguised as a LED Light module source (
95% of energy generates heat, only 5% for lighting)
You risk burning yourself.
You can put down the LED bulb and it won\'t break.
So the obvious question is, \'Why?
When a generation becomes a market leader, why bother to invent a new light bulb?
I asked Mike Watson, vice president of product strategy at Cree, and his answer was very direct: The market wanted it and the potential market for LED bulbs was huge.
The next obvious question (to me, anyway)
Why restrict the logistics of Home Depot?
There are many very good reasons, Watson replied.
Watson commented that Kerry is committed to changing the lighting environment for the entire home, so Home Depot is a good ally because they have a lot of light bulb inventory and shelves. (
Notes as a self-Author
Watson is right, at least in my world.
I went to my local store today.
The Home Depot lighting section is right where you enter and is by far the most positive option in any box store --
Wal-Mart included-I checked out.
I am embarrassed to admit that I have checked a lot. )So what’s next?
The bulb is cheap so maybe it\'s time to slow down and take a break?
\"The honest answer is that we are already thinking about the next version.
We will never stop. this is not the end.
This is a new beginning. ” Watson says.
People must hope this is true.
Every incandescent lamp represents a huge waste of electricity, precious natural resources and hard power.
Money earned that can be used more effectively elsewhere.
Last point: the wording on the package makes me find it interesting.
It says \"look and light like a bulb.
\"May fool me.
I thought it was a LED Light module bulb.
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