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warm welcome: new leds near roundabouts, parks in delhi | delhi news - times of india

by:Demo     2020-09-03
New Delhi: up to 84 Avenue and roundabout in lutinsderi, now with a new look in the evening: the New Delhi Municipal Council has completed the project of installing 6,000 warm passagesWhite LED bulb.
In the first project in the city, each LEDs will be individually controlled and monitored from the national command and control center.
There is a SIM card for each LED Light module and the SIM card will transfer the information to the control center.
The staff can turn these lights on or off as needed, or even dim them, and detect faults.
In order to save electricity, we plan to dim these lights after one o\'clock A. M.
A senior NDMC official said that once installed, regular inspections will not be required by our staff.
Unlike other citizen agencies serving white led, NDMC chose warm-up-
As can be seen from the successful cases of South Korea and Malaysia, white LEDs.
Until a year ago, South Korea and Malaysia were the only countries to install warm LEDs. Warm-
The white LEDs produce yellow, close to incandescent lamps, while a bulb marked as bright white gives a whiter LED Light module, closer to daylight.
Naresh Kumar, president of NDMC, said the warm LED Light module was less dazzling, worked more effectively in the fog, and gave an aesthetic look to the roundabout, parks and fountains.
Municipalities have been warm with Indian Gate, council Street, Akbar Road, Prithviraj Road, rakbindo Marg, Shanti Path, Tilak Marg and roundabout
These lights cost Rs 25,000 per lamp.
According to their ability, 28,000 pounds are paid to the civic institution.
The lights are also mounted on 55 smart poles.
In the future, there will be more than 625 smart poles to get similar lights.
Municipalities plan to install 12,000 LED lights in stages
The work of the project will begin in three months.
These lights will be installed on the main and internal roads.
The NDMC expects the electricity bill to fall to half after all 18,000 LEDs are installed.
An NDMC official said things were delayed due to the election.
In addition, we decided to replace more than 10,000 poles that are old or damaged.
Most of them were installed before the Commonwealth Games.
Municipal officials said the work on the project would end on October.
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