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Triac SCR Dimmable 70W Driverless DOB AC LED PCBA 220V AC Horticulturing Lighting Board LM301B LED PCB Board for Agro LED light
500 pcs
3 years
CE, CB, RoHS, Reach, FCC, UL, EMC, C-Tick, CCC, PSE, LVD, Energy Star
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Main Technical Data

Model No.




Input Voltage

AC 220-240V 50Hz

Input Current


Luminous Efficiency

125 LM/W

Color Rendering Index

Ra 80

Anti-Surge Class


Thermal Conductivity


PCB Size


Emitting Color

White Color

Insulation Class



Samsung LM301B 3000K + 660nm(dual chips) +730nm (dual chips)

Certification Standard


  1. Triac SCR Dimmable: This lighting board features Triac SCR dimming technology, allowing precise control of light intensity to meet the specific needs of different plant growth stages, from seedling to flowering.

  2. Driverless Design: The driverless design eliminates the need for an external driver, simplifying installation and reducing maintenance requirements.

  3. High Wattage: With a powerful 70W output, it provides ample illumination for horticultural applications, ensuring healthy and vigorous plant growth.

  4. AC Input Compatibility: Designed for 220V AC input voltage, it is compatible with standard electrical systems, making it easy to integrate into various setups.

  5. Cutting-Edge LM301B LEDs: Equipped with LM301B LEDs known for their high efficiency and excellent light output, ensuring optimal photosynthesis for plants.

3 Years Warranty! Customized Design!



  1. Indoor Farming: Ideal for indoor farming setups, this lighting board ensures plants receive consistent and customized lighting throughout their growth cycle, making it suitable for a wide range of crops, including leafy greens, herbs, and microgreens.

  2. Greenhouse Cultivation: Enhances greenhouse cultivation by providing optimal lighting conditions for year-round crop production. It enables growers to extend growing seasons and increase yields while maintaining control over light spectrum and intensity.

  3. Vertical Farming: Well-suited for vertical farming systems, where space is limited. Its compact design and high-efficiency LEDs maximize plant growth in vertically stacked environments, making it perfect for urban agriculture.

  4. Hydroponic Systems: Supports hydroponic growing systems, delivering the essential light spectrum needed for nutrient-rich water-based plant cultivation. It ensures healthy root development and rapid growth.

  5. Cannabis Cultivation: Specifically designed for cannabis cultivation, it provides the precise spectrum and light intensity required for different stages of cannabis growth, from vegetative to flowering.

  6. Nursery and Seedling Production: Optimizes seedling and nursery production, ensuring young plants receive the ideal light conditions for strong and healthy growth, setting the foundation for successful transplanting.

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Technical Background

With a formidable technical team comprising over 20 experts specializing in micro-electronics, electronic engineering, and optical engineering, we have successfully secured more than 10 key patents within the AC LED lighting domain. Over the past years, we have proudly delivered tailored solutions to more than 3,000 customers worldwide.

Quality Assurance

At our organization, we adhere to the ISO9001 quality management system as an integral part of our operations. Our commitment to quality is evident throughout our production process, beginning with rigorous incoming quality control (QC) measures and extending to meticulous outgoing tests for all finished products. With a comprehensive range of testing facilities at our disposal, every LED module we supply undergoes thorough and exhaustive testing to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability.


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