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Snake Networks, Inc.
Established in January 31, 2005 in cooperation with Apollo Metro, it is a manufacturer and distributor of LEDs (LED)
Lighting provides turnkey LED lighting solutions for metropolitan areas (
Streets and Highways)
Parking and storage facilities.
By combining LED lighting, wireless networks, sensors, infrared and video into a single design, the Apollo Metro Solution\'s wireless product range can be applied to infrastructure through simplified system integration, provide a comprehensive choice for LED lighting solutions around the world.
The company also provides telecom engineering services to telecom service providers in various telecom networks in the United States, the Middle East and North Africa to plan, network expansion and manage services that have expertise in wireless communications.
The company\'s products include LED lighting products such as street lights, parking lot lighting and indoor lighting;
Intelligent LED lighting solutions such as Apollo LED wireless, Apollo LED sensors and Apollo LED infrared cameras.
There are 30 watts of Apollo street lights (W)
60 W, 90 W, 120 W and 140 W.
The Apollo series also offers control systems and monitoring solutions.
The company focuses on providing consulting services and project implementation for about two types of resources, including solar photovoltaic (PV)and Biomass.
The services provided by the company include on-site investigation of telecom network planning and design;
Radio frequency (RF)
Investigation and planning of microwave sites;
Drive test and network optimization;
Installation of telecom system;
Base Station (BTS)
Transmission commissioning and maintenance;
Manage services and maintain services;
Carry out all kinds of telecom assistance work;
Internet voice protocol (VOIP)
Network design and implementation of infrastructure upgrades, microwave and long-term evolution and training programs (LTE).
Apollo\'s LED Parking LED Light module is the source of lighting for parking lots and other street lighting applications.
Apollo lights are available from 30w to 160 W.
Its interior lighting can be used in warehouses, garages, tunnels and a variety of indoor applications.
Its Apollo Giga LED series offers a wide range of wireless access for a wide range of different applications.
Apollo Metro solutions are designed to provide a full rangein-
A housing with an integrated wireless mesh radio that allows remote access and monitoring of the infrastructure, but also allows access to a wide range of applications, including wireless control and dimming, smart parking meters, charging stations, meters and picnic areas.
Giga iSLC uses 0 to 10 volts (V)/pulse-
Width modulation (PWM)
Dimming output based on programmable dimming schedules and inputs from motion or light sensors.
Giga iSLC uses DC power supply (DC)
Input provided by LED power supply.
The wireless integrated Apollo Giga series can communicate at a frequency of 900 MHz (MHz), 2. 4 gigahertz (GHz)
Five GHz and the ability to create a mesh network through city blocks or City ranges.
Apollo Metro Solutions has a wide range of Concentrator and gateway Solutions, as well as vendor-neutral Solutions, and Apollo will work with existing hardware vendors and infrastructure to customize design Solutions.
Apollo Picocell is a supplier\'s natural solution that, when used in a cellular network, will cover both indoor and outdoor areas where the signal does not arrive well, or increase network capacity in areas where telephone usage is very intensive.
The average coverage of Picocell is about 200 m for densely populated areas such as train stations, stadiums or around conference halls.
The company\'s LED sensors include motion sensors and highway sensors.
Juno LED series is motion sensor
Equipped indoor and outdoor lights can be turned on or off when no one or mobile vehicles are close, or can be darkened to 20% power, 100% when the car or person is close to its output.
Juno can be installed in any Apollo LED lighting product.
The Apollo LED infrared camera includes the Eos LED series with non-
The built-in intrusive style of the hemisphere camera.
Infrared options using EOS-
IR works when visible light is turned off.
200 E Big Beaver RdTROY MI 48083-1208P: +1248.
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