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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition


Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
Guangya Exhibition

  The company participated in the 27th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Guangya Exhibition) in the exhibition hall of China Import and Export Commodities Fair from August 3 to 6, 2022. The exhibition covers an area of 110000 square meters, covering 11 exhibition halls, with 1288 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions. At the exhibition, outstanding enterprises jointly discussed the advanced innovative technologies in the lighting field and the concepts under the new era trend, so as to explore a new road for the rapid development of the lighting industry. Mr. Zhang Junchao, associate professor of the school of electrical and power engineering of Taiyuan University of technology and President of Shanxi Lighting Association, was invited to preside over the meeting as a guest to have a dialogue with the guests present and discuss the development trend of healthy lighting.

  Mr. Chen Yuzhao, the operation director of the lighting business department of Guangzhou Aladdin Internet of things Technology Co., Ltd. Said that science and technology endows a better life, and health has always been the eternal pursuit of mankind. At present, we pay attention to the health of light and human settlements and the current situation, trends and challenges of myopia of children and adolescents in China. This healthy light innovation technology forum brings together industrial elites for professional theme sharing and dialogue, it also makes us see that light health has reconstructed the industrial pattern and led the industry to a higher quality development direction. In the future, Aladdin will join hands with the industry to promote the development of the lighting industry through diversified activities.

 The first speaker was Professor Dai Qi from the engineering and Applied Technology Research Institute of Fudan University. Professor Dai Qi introduced the quantitative model of rhythm lighting spectrum. Yin Hui, deputy general manager of Ningbo Shengpu optoelectronics Co., Ltd., reviewed the development and evolution of lighting industry technology in the past two decades with the audience: traditional lighting - semiconductor lighting - health lighting - human factor lighting - beyond lighting. In his view, from tradition to transcendence, the focus is on energy conservation and environmental protection. He believes that the adjustable spectrum is the core of the next generation of human factors lighting. The future development of the lighting industry is bound to be healthy and intelligent, and the customized intelligent lighting of the whole house will be inevitable.

  Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will display diversified lighting and LED technology solutions to meet the needs of the industry in purchasing, exchanging market information and expanding business opportunities.

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