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DOB Module Technology

DOB Module Technology


Our AC LED technology-based Driver on Board (DOB) LED Module Series offers several advantages over traditional DC LED modules. One significant benefit is the elimination of the need for an external driver, leading to reduced circuit costs and a smaller form factor for LED lighting. By removing the AC-to-DC converter and other electronic components required by DC LEDs, we simplify the electronics between the AC power source and the LED, making LED lighting applications more convenient with our DOB LED Modules.

Demophotech's DOB LED Module Technology takes advantage of an innovative approach, allowing the LED board itself to house the driver element. This driver-less LED lighting module provides simplicity and cost-effectiveness. While most LED lighting products in the market currently rely on external drivers, an increasing number of manufacturers are embracing driver-less technology, and we are at the forefront of this trend.

At Demophotech, we prioritize providing customers with design-friendly products that are easy to assemble into their own LED home and industrial lighting solutions. Our DOB LED Modules are compatible with a wide range of well-designed and authentic light fixtures, even those with limited space. The latest DOB LED Module series continues to uphold this compatibility, as our uniquely shaped PCB seamlessly integrates with prominent players in the LED lighting industry. This compatibility enables customers to effortlessly assemble the light source into fixtures, much like changing a light bulb.

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