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trending led: switch out your incandescent and cfls to led light bulbs

by:Demo     2020-08-13
Picture: Marcia\'s pre-marital expression on led is the latest trend in lighting!
The Louvre Museum in Paris has won national recognition for its commitment to replacing external lighting with LED lighting.
In early 2012, the United StatesS.
National Mall in Washington, D. C. C.
Change the combination of HID and CFL bulbs to LED bulbs.
Changing the bulb to an LED will save about 65% of the energy.
Are you ready to turn off incandescent or CFL bulbs for the led?
You will be surprised that LED bulbs have become more and more common in the past few years.
So what is LED?
To get an idea of all the LED hype, I came along the hall to our bulb buyer\'s office, collected some LED bulbs and got a quick LED bulb lesson.
Then I surprised my colleagues.
Worker & Fashion lighting blogger Leslie asked her to be a model in my photo and later admitted it was fun.
Incandescent lamps (left)
And LED bulbs (right);
After testing all the different types of LED bulbs, you can see the different types of light emitted by each bulb.
LEDs are used to emit directional light, but standard indoor
The outdoor light bulb looks like a classic incandescent lamp and has a similar luminous effect.
When switching from incandescent to compact fluorescent, one of the biggest problems is that the quality of light is not the first choice.
Using LED bulbs, the quality of light is similar to that of incandescent lamps.
The efficiency of LED bulbs is significantly improved, and the light quality is similar;
Did I convince you to change it?
Continue reading for the benefit of LED. What is LED?
I\'m sure you \'ve heard the term \"LED\" but may not be familiar with the way the LED lights work or how they can fit into your own home.
LED represents a light emitting diode: a semiconductor LED Light module source.
When I think of LED, the first thought I thought of was to have an LED light show at the party we all wanted to attend.
Do you know that they also have a lot of practical use at home?
In the past few years, led has made great progress.
One of the most important ways to install LED lights at home is to install LED recessed downlights.
Imagine not replacing a recessed bulb for many years.
Talk about the trouble of saving a lot of money and climbing the ladder trying to turn off the light bulb.
Picture: pre-marital benefits of LED?
Lasting: you may be ready for a new light before the LED bulb needs to be replaced.
Don\'t worry about having spare light bulbs at home anymore.
Mercury-Free: focus on the environment and disposal of compact fluorescent bulbs containing mercury?
The LED bulb does not contain mercury, so it is better for the environment and for everyone.
Higher efficiency: LED lights are more efficient (
When each Watt is light)
Than incandescent lamps and CFL bulbs.
Dimmable: like incandescent lamps, the led can be darkened for any type of lighting situation.
Please make sure your LED is dimmable if required.
Not hot: Did you accidentally touch an overheated incandescent lamp? It hurts! Well. . .
You don\'t have to worry about the LED bulb being too hot to touch.
The heat of the LEDs is very small.
The flange at the bottom of the bulb helps to absorb heat.
Do not attract bugs: LED bulbs are ideal for outdoor lighting as the spectrum of the light they emit does not attract bugsLED attention: LED dimmer: when purchasing dimmers with LED bulbs, make sure the dimmer works with a specific type of bulb.
Find bulbs similar to incandescent lamps: LED bulbs are distinguished according to their lumens rather than wattage.
Compare the lumens of incandescent lamps with lumens of LED bulbs to find their equivalent lumens.
LED bulbs can be used for many different types of fixtures: embedded downlights, desk lamps, wall lights, rail lights, hanging chandeliers, outdoor lights, etc. . .
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