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tiruchi saves energy by switching on led lights

by:Demo     2020-08-14
Recently, some major cities in the country have been working to replace traditional bulbs with energy-efficient LED lights.
Few of them reduce their electricity bills by installing LED lights.
Tiruchi City Corporation has also been inspired by them to start a comprehensive project to replace all traditional bulbs in the City with LED lights.
In the first phase, municipalities replaced 26,391 street lamp fluorescent bulbs in 65 wards with LED in 2015
The cost is 30. 29 crore.
For better operation and maintenance of street lights, voltage controllers were also installed in 334 locations.
The project was implemented under the public. Private-
Cooperation mode.
In the total cost, comprehensive management of urban development (IUDM)
50% will be contributed and the rest will be borne by Tiruchi.
A private company assigned to implement the plan will recover the project costs within five years.
In the second and final stages, another private company was hired by civic groups to replace all compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)
Smart Vision lights, metal halogen lamps installed on all major street lamp posts, and densely populated areas and intersections in the city.
It has allocated a sum of £ 23.
Implementation of the project under the Smart City 40 crore.
And the sum of 201714.
70 crore assigned to external zone development (ABD)
In this city
70 crore has been assigned to nonABD area.
According to the plan, 8264 lights will be replaced by LED lights.
Most of them are 20 to 40 watts.
High 372-mast lamps (flood lit)
There are 400 watts of traditional electric lights in the city.
LED bulbs with a capacity of 200 watts will change them.
In addition, it was decided to build new poles in 816 locations.
494 of them are developed in the region (ABD)area.
The rest is notABD area.
Company Commissioner
Ravichandran told Hindus that the project is one of the important components of the smart city plan.
The LED conversion project will be completed within six months.
\"Our goal is to achieve 100% LED LED Light module coverage in six months.
Not only can it save energy, but it can also save money to a large extent . \"Ravichandran.
He says LED bulbs save 40 to 60% more energy than traditional lighting technologies.
By using LED lamps, it has been shown that it is possible to provide better lighting quality, lower energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Because LED bulbs are four times longer than conventional bulbs, operating and maintenance costs are much lower, he said. Mr.
There are 9,080 traditional lights that consume 86, says Ravichandran.
38 lakh units per year.
After replacing the LED lights, the power consumption will be reduced to 34.
51 units were saved by 72 lakh units. 65 lakh units.
It can save 3 pounds effectively.
He added that 27 crore per year due to the company\'s power consumption.
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