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this green warrior gifts smart bins and led lights | bengaluru news - times of india

by:Demo     2020-08-23
BENGALURU: Imagine walking into a shop, buying an LED LED Light module, and then wrapping up a gift for your best friend\'s birthday.
In this way, you can not only get your friend to start an energy conversation, but also increase his savings.
Most importantly, you can save thousands of dollars on flowers and chocolate that will eventually turn into waste, which adds to the large amount of garbage that Bengaluru can\'t handle every day.
That\'s exactly Sunil Sood, a 60-year-
The old retired mechanical engineer, a resident of Jaynagar, has been practicing for many years.
Sood has been giving away items such as solar lanterns, LED light boxes, smart bins, water-saving products, and any items that fall within the scope of the Earth, human beings and profits.
\"I have been giving energy --
Provide efficient products for my friends and family on special occasions.
Sometimes people laugh at me, but they appreciate my initiative and choice more.
I was very happy when someone came and said, \"Thank you for giving the garden hose timer;
It is very useful for my terrace garden.
\"For me, a gift is something I can help recipients save society and the Earth and contribute to,\" Sunil told TOI in the gap between \"lean\"Clean-
Green India is an initiative launched by the Indian Association of Energy Management professionals on Sunday.
And Sunil\'s idea of dialogue with energy-
Another expert expressed concern about the amount of waste generated by e-commerce, believing that effective gifts are intended to achieve sustainable development
Business Company.
\"Online giants like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong and eBay are using a lot of plastic to wrap their products, which leads to more plastic production compared to bricksand-mortar stores.
Even small items like pens are packed in a small carton, followed by plastic and foam packaging.
The growth rate of online companies, one can imagine how much plastic will be produced, \"said Jyoti Swaroop, who has 35 years of working experience in the oil industry.
\"There was a time when the mall stopped using plastic bags by asking customers to take their own handbags.
But the effort did not last long.
\"Now the store sells plastic bags at a nominal price, which customers are willing to pay,\" he added . \".
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