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this funky-looking led bulb could be the future of lighting

by:Demo     2020-08-18
NliteN makes it as easy to help the environment as changing the bulb.
The company today launched an Indiegogo campaign for its LED bulb, which uses 80% less energy than a 60-watt incandescent lamp.
Andy tuludic, who invented the bulb, said it uses less toxicity, energy saving, longer duration, and ultimately cheaper than traditional bulbs.
This is the first LED bulb to enter the market at a price that competes with mainstream bulbs.
\"There are a lot of LED bulbs, but the biggest problem is not
\"People want to pay more for them,\" trudik said in an interview . \".
\"The bulb market is very price sensitive and even if it saves them money over time, people don\'t pay more for the bulbs.
The biggest challenge is not technology, but how to reduce costs so that consumers are not hesitant about prices.
\"Lighting consumes a lot of energy, not to mention the coal used in the production of traditional bulbs.
In developing countries, electricity costs are higher and NliteN\'s goal is to make LED lighting so cheap that it can be used by people around the world.
\"If we can put these bulbs into a cabin in Thailand so that the children can use it to do their homework and read books, our mission will be completed,\" Turudic said . \".
\"If we can get 6 billion people to have 2 or 3 bulbs, one that uses only 8 watts instead of 60 watts, then the whole planet will benefit.
Patent of NliteN
The design is flat.
It extracts the LED bulb into the necessary elements and the LED is back againto-
So that they can serve as a single source of \"all-round\" LED Light module.
The design integrates thermal management onto a flat panel, so there is no need to use expensive aluminum to conduct heat.
All of these components are integrated with a circuit board that is connected to a lamp socket and makes an electrical connection.
This design can be manufactured on automated electronic assembly systems, reducing costs.
The design and manufacturing process is highly scalable, and the more quantity NliteN produces, the lower the cost, Turudic said. The U. S.
DOE launched a competition in 2008 to challenge innovators to develop 60-
For more than a century, Watt incandescent lamps have remained basically unchanged.
The product requires a service life of 25,000 hours and is commercially viable.
Phillips to 10-
It says the LED Light module bulb can save 35 megawatts of electricity or $3.
9 billion, avoid 20 million tons of carbon emissions if each 60-
Watt light bulbs in USAS. was replaced.
However, tuludic said that Philip\'s bulbs are still too expensive to attract ordinary American consumers, not to mention those in developing economies.
About $45.
The Thie Indiegogo event will help NliteN bring its design to consumers in the market
Leading price.
It is trying to raise $250,000.
The company is based in Portland.
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