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this $17 mouse pad might seem pricey, but it has a built ...

by:Demo     2020-08-20
You probably never bought a mouse pad for $5.
In fact, many of you may even use some of the free mouse pads at the meeting.
That\'s why the price of the ZOFINE wireless charging mouse pad is so high that it seems crazy at first glance, but the name says everything: it\'s a built-in mouse pad
Wireless Charger!
Refuel your smartphone or wireless earbuds at work without adding any extra clutter to your desk.
Its retail price is $40 and $17 is cheap.
Now on Amazon.
Here are the main points in the product page: Related stories: incredible wireless service gives you unlimited data on Verizon\'s 4g LTE network, you can still upgrade, Amazon\'s best and faster versionselling Wi-
This LED LED Light module strip can do everything Philips Hue can do, but it costs $17 instead of $70
Fast mouse pad for wireless charging
2-in-1 design-combine the mouse pad and QI wireless charging station functions into one.
Charging is simple, very thin and easy to implement. 【
10W fast wireless charging
10w fast charging mode for devices that only support 10w (
Such as: Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 S7, etc. ). Charge your Qi-
Compatible device, no need to plug the phone into the wall charger or USB port.
Reduce damage to equipment. 【
Elegant mouse pad]The non-
Slide base and PU leather surface mouse pad with dust proof
Waterproof performance.
It\'s best to take off your phone case before charging. (
No metal/magnetic/iron box etc. )【Safe and reliable]Built-in over-voltage, under-
Voltage, temperature control, surge protection and short circuit
The circuit protection system provides the ultimate security for your smartphone.
Note, please do not plug in your computer or laptop to charge, it will charge your device very slowly. 【Compatibility】
Compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8 Plus, S7 edge, S6 edge plus, Note 5, Google Nexus 4/5/6, etc. (
Note: fast wireless charging cannot be supported by Samsung S9/S9 Plus oem ac adapter, please use other qc3. 0/2. 0 adapter),most Qi-Device enabled.
18 months warranty
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The touch screen Chromebook on Amazon costs $279 and today there are only 10 deals you don\'t want to miss: $8 wireless charger, $79 soundbar, AirPods 2 and iPad deals, no, it\'s not just you: half of the Internet, including Google, Amazon, and RedditApple, is down, and that\'s right again: that\'s why the Galaxy Note 10 without a microSD slot isn\'t a big dealFresh 4 bug, which lets us see Google\'s unreleased flagship again.
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