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The small spacing six advantages - LED display LED display - GKGD LED display

by:Demo     2020-08-03
1, seamless splicing splicing display technology in the maximum to meet customer needs is always can't avoid the influence of the physical frame, even if the narrow side DID professional LCD screen, still have very obvious spelling juncture, if after mosaics of led display to make the seam to seamless, high density small spacing led seamless splicing advantages to highlight. 2, high brightness, high intelligent adjustable brightness led screen itself, in order to meet to the viewer in light and dark environment comfortable viewing effect, avoid visual fatigue, can stop the brightness control with the light sensor system. High gray level 3, stronger the color of the main performance even under low light display gray main show is complete, the display picture administrative levels feeling and brilliance is higher than the traditional screen, can also be the main show of image detail more, without information loss. 4, high faster response speed high refresh rate, mutatis mutandis, the electron beam to scan the image on the screen again and again the number of times, the higher the number of scanning, the refresh rate is higher, shown in the image ( The picture) The stability is better. Refresh rate is lower, image flicker and vibrate the more fierce, eyes tired more quickly. LED screen under high refresh, small spacing intake picture is stable, no corrugated black screen, image edge clear, precise restored image real information content. 5, color restoring natural selection international first point correction technology, the application of LED Light Engine-emitting principle, preserved the authenticity of color, avoid the material of other display technologies, such as backlit projection, the color of the light running way incur loss and deviation, complete the real in the sense of color. 6, visual experience complanation when customers choose to choose 3 d broadcast form, will present vibration high-definition image splicing wall, no matter on live TV, exhibition, or digital advertising, all can incisively and vividly deduce wonderful vision, let the audience to enjoy the special visual experience.
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