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the roof-mounted led light bar is the cab visor\'s cousin

by:Demo     2020-08-12
The cab sunshades used to be, and are still the reddest neck truck accessories ever, and somehow they used to be an awesome accessory as well.
How can we forget these two?
Tone Silverados with Ronde yuesao, fiberglass side steps and some sort of raised bed spoiler? Memories.
This particular fashion is (unofficially)
The whole two summers in the early 90 s were acceptable, but they remained in the truck culture for decades.
Normally, those who are still against these bad sun blockers will be fine.
They have been adjusting their woodfish for years, and strongly believe that the alliance flag represents \"legacy, not hatred \".
\"If you\'re really lucky, you can still see these rare vehicles in the wild, but if you need to review, here\'s a small gallery that shows the illuminated taxi sunshades: this terrible truck trend is back in the form of its ugly family member roof
Installation of LED LED Light module strips.
At first, the connection seemed far away
But if we go a little deeper, the similarities are obvious.
Like the lighted visor once did, the roof
The installed LED light strip goes straight through the forehead of the truck.
It is difficult to understand that this is attractive to anyone, and perhaps it is this inconsistency that at some point sees both as attractive.
There is no doubt that I embrace it thoughtfully
Position LED lights for function.
If it\'s not the lamp strip on our Fujian cruiser (
Attached to the bullpen)
Our recent trip to the mountains was disastrous.
However, if we are honest, how many people have bought functional LED sticks and how many have installed LED sticks to illuminate their friends when passing by or intimidating friends --
The driver is here?
So how can this useful gadget become fashionable so quickly?
Let\'s start with the price.
The cheaper they buy, the more bulky the truck with the lift.
You can easily score 52 points.
$55 LED bar. 99 on eBay -shipped!
However, there are still very expensive, high
Taillights bars produced by some amazing companies.
Industry leaders, the rigid industry still accounts for 108-LED, 28,000-
Luming 54 \"LED bar with retail price of over $2100.
So, does the LED lights prepare for their death bed like the illuminated cab sunshades?
No time soon. The top off-
Road fitters have found a more cautious way to incorporate them into their buildings, and companies like the rigid industry are making new styles that are more compact and more suitable for better positions.
In addition to this, the new Rigid series comes from the Rigid industry with an optional beam mode and can be adapted to different driving conditions immediately.
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