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the pink lights producing a tastier tomato: farmers use revolutionary greenhouse to add flavour and vitamin c

by:Demo     2020-07-31
Farmers are producing \"designer cartoons\" in a revolutionary greenhouse that can change the taste and add vitamin C by planting under a pink LED Light Engine.
Farm technicians found that changing the color of the lights from red to pink or blue in purple will change the taste and bring more homegrown taste.
The new technology also means that tomatoes can be planted all year round under glass, preventing the need to import from warm climates such as Spain.
At present, 80 of the tomatoes eaten in the UK are imported, which creates huge transportation costs and waste.
Farmers in the country traditionally use sodium lamps in greenhouses, which emit white or yellow colors to extend the growing season of summer crops.
However, it seems that LEDs are more effective in imitating the sun, and they can provide light of different colors, which can enhance the taste.
LEDs also use less energy, which means growing tomatoes and other crops in greenhouses in the winter sun is economically feasible.
Experts at the Stockbridge Technology Center in Selby, North Yorkshire have grown tomatoes under brightly colored led lights in a new 1,000 greenhouse.
Nigel Bateer, president of the British Tomato Growers Association, said that the photosynthesis process is a key part of the growth process, mainly using the red and blue spectra in the sun.
The LED system means we can target the color of the light that the factory needs, not just a blanket white light, he said.
In doing so, we use very little energy.
Therefore, led provides a great opportunity to develop products very effectively.
The trial also included planting salad leaves, strawberries and garden plants under a mix of color LED lights.
This study in Yorkshire is aimed at tomatoes with special tastes, such as midi.
Varieties of plums, rather than cheap imported products in bulk, are often dull or damp.
Some of them grow in greenhouses until autumn and harvest in December and then sell in the area --Until Christmas
Mr Bartle said: \"They were well received because of their excellence, just-picked taste.
Sunstream is a lovely breed with a dark red color, but most importantly, its native flavor.
Graham Ward, chief executive of the Technology Center, said: \"Basically, LED gives us the advantage that we can create our own customized lighting colors.
Let you change the taste and shelf life.
The center is looking at how changing light and color affects the taste and nutritional quality of tomatoes.
There is some evidence in the Netherlands that it does benefit.
A project between LED manufacturer Philips and Wageningen University found that the system could produce healthier tomatoes.
Crops receiving extra light from LEDs contain twice as much vitamin C as other crops, although the additional dose is only one quarter of the intensity of natural light on sunny days.
The cornerway nursery in Norfolk, one of Britain\'s largest tomato producers, is supporting the trial.
Patrick Harte, managing director of the company, said the LED system will allow crops to grow all year round.
A big challenge for winter planting is the amount of capital involved, with a possible £ 1 per hectare.
The purpose of this trial, he said, is to let us know about these technologies and see if they can deliver the rewards we want.
In an interview with BBC Radio 4 agriculture today, Hart said that although people eat fewer tomatoes in winter, there is still a big market.
We have been importing large quantities of tomatoes throughout the winter, with fresh high-quality tomatoes and listing locally, which means we can buy things that taste better for consumers, he said.
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