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the dark side of leds -

by:Demo     2020-07-30
When this article was first published, atlights made us blind and caused serious damage to our endocrine systemThe research reviewed shows that ...... Leading Light biologists suggest returning to sunlight, candles and incandescent lamps, one of the world\'s top light biologists has been trying to warn the public of the dangers of government for years --Eliminate incandescent lighting by law.LEDs (lights-The energy efficiency of LEDs) is 95% higher than that of incandescent lamps, and we are paying for this with health.Alexander Wunsch is a doctor and lecturer at the University of Wismar in Germany and is an international consultant in the government, medical facilities and lighting industry.His message, while often overlooked, is clear: blue light separated from all other colors on the spectrum is destroying our retina, disrupting our endocrine system and leading to various physical and mental disorders.This is not the information that the LED industry, the government that wants to reduce carbon emissions, or consumers who save electricity bills want to hear.But, as this report from Harvard Medical School says, it is \"supported by one study after another.Wunsch explained: \"Natural light emits all the colors (wavelengths) of the rainbow in some continuous way )..The typical \"white\" consists of blue lightLEDs and fluorescent coatings.This fluorescent coating converts a part of the blue light to a longer wavelength, producing a yellow \"look\" light, but most of the light emitted is still an invisible blue light.High blue light-energy, short-The \"aggressive\" light of the wavelength is responsible for keeping us awake and alert.Although the blue light is present in the sun and is a necessary component of life, it needs to be balanced with the light of all other colors, especially the color opposite the light red.As you can see below, there is no red light in the traditional fluorescent and LED lights: Wunsch says most of us are near-Infrared light with a wavelength of between 700 and 2500 nanometers.The heat generated by incandescent lamps is infrared radiation.While this heat requires more power, the infrared rays it produces are actually good for your health and therefore worth the extra costComments from Mercola.Near-Infrared-as produced by candles or fire-puts the cells in your retina at rest, repair, and regenerate, which is why Wunsch uses it as a treatment for his patients.Near-Infrared is also an important energy source for human beings.According to Wunsch, there is only about oneThe third heat in our body comes from food.The bigger part comes from the \"photon energy\" of the sun \".The more near-He said that the infrared radiation we get, the less food we need to maintain the thermostable state (body temperature.Health issues related to excessive blue light led lighting may be the biggest non-We are exposed to natural radiation every day.In addition to lighting our houses, office buildings, schools, shops and streets, led has become the leading technology for back lightingLighting flat panel displays like Ipad and e-And large LCD TV.Nowadays, almost all reading involves staring directly at the source, not at the newspapers, magazines and books, where the light is reflected from the paper rather than directly into our eyes.Many optometrists have said the damage this has done to our eyes, and one of the predictions is that 100,000 of Americans will be legally blind due to blueLight damage over the next decade.A recent study published in peerThe journal Molecular Vision commented that prolonged exposure to blue light at a wavelength of between 400-470 nanometers would \"cause serious damage to the retina \".\"Even a brief exposure to blue light in this range can damage retinal pigment epithelial cells.\"Damaged retinal pigment epithelial cells will eventually lead to death of photosensitive cells,\" the study said .\".If enough photosensitive cells die, complete blindness occurs.In addition to damaging our vision, blue light after sunset can disrupt our endocrine system.\"One study after another linked night shift and night-time exposure to light to several cancers (including breast and prostate cancer), diabetes, heart disease and obesity, an article published by Harvard Medical School said.These diseases may be associated with light inhibition of melatonin, a hormone that affects the circadian rhythm.Source of this article: off-grid life.Discuss with me next week about natural drugs for chronic lung obstruction.Sign up so you won\'t miss it!I will post our special report on the Sun on Friday.Please visit our store for quality products, free, fast delivery and discounted prices.Join our weekly health blog for free natural health tips!Interested in saving a ton of money on awesome professional products with free shipping and bulk discounts???Then: Visit our natural product pharmacy at the best price and deliver free shipping from professional brands such: macro genomics, Douglas lab, pure packaging, integrated therapy, Thorn research, Carlson lab!

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