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the claw led light for car interior lighting - automotive

by:Demo     2020-08-06
About 20 years ago, a single LED found the way behind the car dashboard and meter group.LED headlights and taillights first appeared on cars in 2003 and 206.Now you will find them everywhere inside and outside the car.
Fog lights, brake lights, interior reading lights, small lights indicating the cup holder and window opener, door panels, roof panels, and anywhere else.In fact, car designers are using these wonderful lighting systems for a one-day field trip, and LED interior lighting takes the car\'s stylists to a new level.They are almost used as decorations to enhance the visual appeal of the car.
The use of LED indoor lights in cars is now popular, although they are more expensive than other car lights such as halogen lights and HID lights, and the use of these lights is slowly spilling the mass market segments from luxury.A related product recently listed is the claw LED light for interior lighting of the car.This is a very useful product, especially when lighting inside the car, you can also design the details.
It is an LED light strip that can be temporarily suspended, hooked or magnetic glued to the interior ceiling of the car to illuminate the work area when detailed or repaired.It can also be installed inside the open hood to LED Light module up the engine and make it work.The light strip can rotate 360 ° to illuminate any part of the interior of the car from the floor to the ceiling.
It can also be removed from the stand to check the exterior of the car such as paint defects, scratches, etc.Run time: run 6 hours or indefinitely on air conditioningLength: 48\\\" -LED lights are becoming more and more popular in cars for good reason.The first is lumens and energy efficiency.
The wattage of the LED is much lower than any other bulb.Secondly, it\'s cool to touch them, so you won\'t burn yourself if you accidentally touch them.There are a variety of color options with ledRed, blue, green, yellow, orange and any other color between the two will not affect lumens.
LED is also closest to natural light.
Color and mood lighting are not the tools to make cars more fashionable, but as we all know, color can affect our happiness.Comfortable, alert, etc.The LED is almost indestructible and can exceed the car itself, thus reducing waste.LED lights don\'t have any glare and don\'t see anyone else on the road.
They do not have toxic chemicals, produce very little infrared rays, and have little UV emissions.LED lights can be turned off and turned on frequently without affecting durability or lighting.The LED LED Light module is set to the light of Gen-Almost eliminated any competition.
This trend is synchronized with the increased awareness of reducing energy consumption, reducing waste and protecting the environment
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