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the best shoes for high-impact aerobics

by:Demo     2020-09-09
When your favorite fitness activity is high
The impact of aerobic exercise, the choice of shoes is essential to prevent injury and make the most of your exercise.
Shoes must match the activity to protect the body from injury and to maximize the benefits of exercise.
Forgot to go to the mall to buy the latest popular shoes
Here are four key factors that must be considered when choosing the best shoes for high-Influence aerobics.
Arch bracket consider your arch first.
You usually think there is only one foot per foot, but this is not the case.
There are three different arches on the foot of the man: two longitudinal arches (Side and middle)
And a former (rear)
Cross arch.
The tar Bone of the foot and the sirar bone form them, they are supported by the ligaments and tendons of the foot.
The shape of the arch can make your feet behave like a spring, which bears the weight of the body and absorbs the impact in motion.
The arch provides the foot with the flexibility needed for the pain
Free walking and running.
An arch can be high, low, or non-existent (flat feet)
And the best shoes
The effect of aerobic exercise depends on the type of arch of a person.
The high arch is a poor shock absorber, so shoes with thick padding can make it high
The pain affecting movement is much smaller. High-
If there are no suitable shoes, it can be frustrating to affect aerobic exercise on flat feet.
According to an article in The April 2017 Journal of clinical and diagnostic research, more than 25% of the population is on par --
Stability can be a problem if the arch is below optimal.
People with flat feet are often in front of the spin
They roll too much feet.
Make them vulnerable to problems such as shin splints and plantar fasciitis.
For flat feet, the best shoes have a hard midsole to prevent the feet from rolling and leveling.
Ankle support to protect your feet at high levels
The impact of aerobic exercise is crucial.
Ankle and heel need stable support to avoid injury when changing position quickly.
According to high-
According to a study published in May 2008 in sports medicine and science, the effects you do on aerobic exercise can include: side shuffling, spin jumping, jumping between work at conesLadder wearing a shoe that provides heel and ankle stability should significantly reduce the risk of injuries such as ankle sprain or knee strain.
Although research in the February 2014 Journal of Foot and Ankle Research shows that
Top sneakers may not be the best choice for ankle stability.
Read more: how to improve the movement control of weak foot ank is an important consideration for people with low arch or flat feet.
The tendency to overpronounce can cause a variety of injuries
Shoes with a lot of motion control will prevent the feet from rolling too inward.
Usually shoes with motion control will have a very solid midsole and provide enough support to stop excessivepronation.
There will always be a solid middle column for Sports Control shoes (under the arch)
And side columns (
Outer ball of Foot)
During high heels, keep your feet firmly positioned from toe to heelShock movement.
The extra support can make the shoes heavier and a little stiff;
However, the feet do not slide in the shoes, so it is more likely to prevent injuries.
The support and structure also maintain the correct alignment of the feet, preventing asymmetric gait, which can create torque in the ankles, knees and hips and can cause damage.
Read more: differences between stability and motion control shoes sneakers wearing the right sneakers are essential to maximize your athletic performance and comfort.
It also extends the life of shoes.
Sports shoes are sports.
Specific to providing features that are critical to the activities being practiced. For example;
Running shoes have extra buff for a long time
But tennis shoes can provide better traction. Although high-
Aerobic exercise is not a specific activity and some shoes meet the requirements. Many cross-
Training special shoes can provide the correct combination of arch support, movement control and ankle stability to avoid injury and perform high
Good aerobic exercise.
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