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tattoos might be a huge problem for apple watch functionality

by:Demo     2020-09-04
It\'s fun to have an Apple watch, but there\'s no reason to be rude.
Etiquette expert Thomas Farley gave some advice to Apple Watch users.
Image: reddit thread of the photo posted by Gettyguinne55fam.
If your tattoo is tattooed with sleeves and you are considering buying an Apple Watch, you may need to step on it carefully.
More and more users claim on social media that the new device is defective when worn on a severely tattooed skin.
Reddit user guinne55fam explained in a post from Apple about the problems he had with this gadget.
He wrote: \"I think my shiny new 42mm SS watch has a broken wrist detector sensor that locks the watch every time the screen goes dark and prompts me for a password.
I won\'t be notified.
I don\'t understand why it\'s especially because the watch will never lose contact with my skin.
\"The user explained that he took off the watch before testing the skin without a tattoo and it worked very well.
\"I spoke to Apple and informed them about me,\" he wrote . \".
\"They are reporting to the Engineering Department that I should have received his response this week regarding my call issues and detection issues.
\"Imagine spending money on a smartwatch that doesn\'t work will disappoint you.
Source: The AFPThe problem seems to be caused by the device being unable to read the wearer\'s heartbeat.
Apple detailed the process in a support thread.
\"The Apple Watch is paired with a photosensitive diode using a green LED LED Light module to detect the amount of blood flowing through the wrist at any given moment,\" Apple wrote . \".
\"When your heart beats, the blood flows on your wrist --
absorption in greenis greater.
\"Between the beats, less.
The Apple Watch flashes hundreds of LED lights per second to calculate the number of heartbeats per minute --
Your heart rate
This means that the ink pigmentation of the tattoo reduces the reflective ability of the light and interferes with the sensor.
The watch works fine on skin without tattoos.
Source: AFPAfter reports surfaced that the tech site iMore tested the watch on some different tattoos.
They found that some tattoo colors duplicate the errors reported on social media, while others were fine.
\"Dark, solid colors seem to have caused the biggest trouble to the sensor,\" IMore wrote . \".
\"Our test of pure black and red initially produced a heart rate error reading of up to 196 BPM before fully reading skin contact.
\"A Test of the color of a shallow tattoo, including purple, yellow and orange, produced a slight heart error reading of 80 BPM (
By contrast, the wearer\'s non-tattooed wrist)
But in other cases, it appears that the registration of skin contact is not disturbed.
\"Apple hasn\'t commented on the issue yet, so for potential buyers, the suggestion is to test the watch before buying.
Or you can be like this one.
I have solved the tattoo.
Picture of door TattooGate 9to5mac Captain2Phones Mai Buffalo MacRumors AppleWatch @ MKBHD pocket now. twitter.
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