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see infrared led light with an iphone 4...

by:Demo     2020-08-13
Well, I admit it\'s a short, sweet guide to hope, but I don\'t understand until now, I think I\'ll share it.
Back in the past, you can use the camera in your PDA or mobile phone to \"see\" The infrared light emitted by the TV remote control or similar device.
In fact, when I was working on the MythBusters show, I did that when we did the story of \"beating police radar and lidar. . .
You see my hand holding my old Palm Zire 72, and through the viewfinder of the camera you can see that the infrared LEDs on the deck frame are actually working and glowing.
The camera in the studio can\'t see the infrared light because of the infrared filter.
But the cheap camera in the palm of the hand can see the infrared very well.
I \'ve been bugged since the iPhone 4 came out because I can\'t see the IR light anymore, and I was very disappointed to learn that the iPhone 4 added an IR filter to the camera.
While it makes photography look better, it\'s no longer useful to me as an IR trouble shooting tool.
That explains why I can\'t see the IR source anymore and I have to borrow the hands of my 11 year old son --me-
Download the iPhone 3GS to diagnose suspicious IR sources.
I\'m thinking of buying a cheap VGA resolution keychain digital camera with viewfinder, but this will be another thing I\'ll take with me.
I want to use my TV today. Be-Gone (thanks, Mitch)
At Delta Skyclub at Washington, DC airport, turn off a TV with new friends who are talking loudly. My TV-Be-
Turning the TV off doesn\'t work, so I decided to try and see if it works.
I started my iPhone 4 and turned on the camera app to point the camera to the TVBe-
The ir led is gone, press the button on the TVBe-Gone.
I don\'t see any light from the IR LED in the viewfinder of the iPhone.
Then I thought about trying forward.
Face the FaceTim camera
I clicked on the camera switch button on the iPhone screen and pointed the FaceTime camera to th still-blinking TV-Be-
The infrared LED is gone. sure enough, I saw the light emitted by the infrared LED!
The following steps will reaffirm the above steps and will show you how to watch infrared light using the standard iPhone 4 and other smartphones and tablets.
On your iphone, launch the camera app and point the camera to the LED on your favorite TV remote.
When you see the iPhone screen, press some buttons on the remote control.
Although the remote control may emit a bright infrared beam, you cannot see it with your eyes because your eyes are not sensitive to the light of the infrared frequency (
A remote control is about 940nm).
The main camera of your iPhone can\'t see the infrared light, because Apple adds a filter to the lens to block the infrared LED Light module, so you can\'t see the infrared light on the screen.
Now press the \"switch camera\" icon in the upper right corner of the iPhone camera app so that the view of the FaceTime camera is displayed on the screen.
You may see yourself on the screen.
Now, point the FaceTime camera to the LED end of the TV remote control and press the button on the remote control.
You can\'t see the IR light in your eyes, but now you will see the IR light in the viewfinder as a bright white light.
It turns out that there is no IR filter on the FaceTime camera on the iPhone 4! Yay!
I hope this will be useful for one person in the instructures community.
Please use this information for good, not evil.
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