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rural india needs solar power for more than just lighting, study finds

by:Demo     2020-08-17
Bubaneswar, India (
Thomson Reuters Foundation-
India plans to install 10,000 small aircraft in the next five years. scale solar-
Power grids across the country bring basic power to communities without it.
But providing a minimum supply of clean energy-enough to power two LED lights for hours and charge the phone-may not be enough to significantly improve people\'s lives, new research shows
A study in Uttar Pradesh found that spending on expensive kerosene for lighting has fallen, and the study surveyed thousands of households, home benefits, who first received basic clean electricity.
But researchers have found that getting a few hours of electricity a day is not enough to increase savings, help with new businesses, increase time for work or study, or significantly improve people\'s lives.
Michael Aklin said what seems to be needed is a larger clean power system that will be able to provide enough energy for businesses all day long, the study\'s lead author, a professor of political science at the University of Pittsburgh. “Larger off-
Power grid systems that provide more power can be used for electrical appliances and machinery, and have the potential to create livelihoods, \"he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in an email interview.
The systems can be used to operate businesses such as Internet cafes, gas stations, repair shops and banks, and schools and medical centers, he said. Income-
Earning this business will make it easier to pay back higher fees --
Upfront costs of installing clean energy systems
\"It can make a significant contribution to rural development in India,\" Aklin said \".
Adarkanta Jena, 53, an engineer at the Audi state government, agreed that it would take at least eight hours of uninterrupted electricity a day to run a popular small business, such as a welding shop for the production of grills for Windows, a flour mill and a machine for shelling or threshing rice.
\"Within 24 hours, 12 hours is the smallest power source that enables children to learn extra, providing a bright cooking space for women to keep families from having dinner in the dark.
Power up from 8 in the morningm. to 8 p. m.
He predicted that social and economic changes could be brought at least . \"
Discontent with power supply is not limited to clean electricity users in India.
According to a 75% study in Delhi, even 0. 7 billion of households in rural areas-2016 people-often receive less than 6 hours of uninterrupted electricity per day --
Headquartered in the Center for Science and the environment.
The Indian government aims to bring 500. megawatt mini-
The grid solar system is about the fifth in the country.
According to a draft government policy, there will be 3 billion people in the next five years.
There are still more than 0. 23 billion people in India who do not have access to basic electricity, usually in rural areas, and the cost of expanding the State Grid is too high.
Research has shown that expanding access to electricity aims to increase household income, help students learn, better access to information through radio or television, and generally improve the lives of rural people.
But the Uttar Pradesh study-a survey of 1,281 households in 81 communities-found that electricity was provided for about two hours at night through the clean energy mini --
There are few major changes to the grid.
After the mini, many families continue to use subsidized kerosene lighting.
The study, published in the journal Scientific Progress, said the power grid was cut off.
Focus on non-electric projects
Whether the grid technology is low or not must be seriously considered.
The authors of the study say the lowest cost system is the right answer.
Clementine Chambon, co-
Founder of the Oorja solution, which will start building a clean energy Mini
In June, the power grid system in the Bahraich area of Uttar Pradesh said she agreed to provide more power to businesses, not just families, to help solar systems pay for themselves more quickly, family electricity can also be subsidized.
\"Oorja will cross
Subsidies to consumers by raising corporate electricity bills.
This allows everyone to afford clean energy while ensuring the mini-
\"Grid infrastructure,\" Chambon said.
India\'s ultimate goal is to expand its grid system nationwide, but there will be 5 to 15 years in the process of other solutions (such as mini) being implemented
According to Ashvin Dayal, managing director of Rockefeller Foundation Asia, grid is necessary.
These are crucial years for achieving the world goal of providing clean electricity to communities without clean electricity and curbing climate --
According to the Paris agreement, which changes emissions, the agreement requires the phasing out of fossil fuels in the second half of the century.
Experts say India\'s solar production costs have fallen sharply in recent months, reaching a level of competition with fossil fuel prices, including coal.
This makes it more and more feasible to switch to clean energy Mini
According to Aditya Ramji in Delhi, the grid could lead to significant savings in state fossil fuel subsidies
Consultant on renewable energy.
According to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, India has the potential to produce nearly 750,000 MW of solar energy.
Given the current household consumption model, one megawatt could power around 1,500 rural households, Ramji said.
A 2016 Sustainable Energy study by the International Energy Initiative found that the average expenditure of an Indian household relying on kerosene lamp lighting was Rs 3,200 ($50)
More than 380 kg of fuel and emissions per year
The change of gas in the process.
Chambon says the results of the Uttar Pradesh study should not stop investment in solar micro-cells
Instead, the grid helps \"improve the delivery and impact of Rural Electrified projects \".
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