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rgb led tutorial (using an arduino) (rgbl)

by:Demo     2020-09-10
LEDs are great.
But flashing is not enough for any project.
For these cases, RGB (
Red, green, blue)
The answer is LED.
With rgb led, you can produce any color you desire in your heart.
At first, it seems quite complicated to use rgb led, but it is clear soon that it is not more difficult to control its single color counter parts.
Here is a quick guide for you to use the wires first and then control the rgb led using the Arduino micro-controller.
This is your chance if you want to jump anywhere.
Step 1 part step 2 test step 3 example circuit of Arduino control step 4 digital control of color step 5 Simulation Control of color (Shamless Plug)
Are you interested in playing with several RGB LEDs in the UK and UK?
One component package is available at our online store ooomlout. co.
UkTime continues to control RGB LEDs using Arduino.
The following example code requires three RGB LEDs and nine current limiting resistors (
Available for purchase from oomout in the UK. co. uk )
Connect the circuit below.
There are two ways to do this.
For more advanced information, please refer to the schematic below.
Or for less advanced ones, you can download the breadboard layout table (the pdf below).
Print it out and put it on the bread board for easy placement of components.
So far you have mastered the great idea of controlling the rgb led and the rest is how to use it.
We have a lot of plans around oomlout HQ and we would love to hear what you are doing as well.
Please leave a message below or email us
Mail to info @ oomlout.
Any details.
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