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rain centre is now self sufficient, the solar way

by:Demo     2020-08-16
Two alumni of IIT
Madras offers solutions for energy needs for domestic and commercial purposes. R.
Ramarathnam and S.
Ram Krishnan has shown by example that electricity bills can be cut significantly by utilizing the energy of the sun.
In the Rain center of Mandaveli
Ramarathnam installed solar panels on the terrace.
During the day, three rooms in the center run one using solar energy-tonne air-
Air conditioning, 330 liter refrigerator, 9 LED lights and 3 ceiling fans.
\"Normally, we have to use 5kw to run so many appliances, but with solar, we can use less power to run them,\" he said . \".
\"We have installed 9 solar panels, 160 watts each, generating 1,440 watts of electricity.
In addition, there is less space to use.
We will use about 400 square feet. ft.
But there is relatively little space needed.
It uses only 115 square meters. ft.
Make it more ideal
Floor Building \".
Said Ramarathnam.
The installation of Rain center is different from the traditional solar panel
Ram Krishnan has settled in his house in the United States.
The center does not use inverters to store power.
The energy of the tap is directly sent to power the device.
The center also installed hybrid equipment manufactured using the technology provided by two engineers.
The equipment automatically adapts to the use of power supply from the main line after sunset.
According to Mr.
Ramarathnam, the life of the panel is about 25 years.
\"It will play its full force in 20 years.
\"The Life of electrical appliances is 15 years,\" he said . \".
Cost of rain center.
1 lakh mounting panel, no need to pay for wiring due to the existing wires used for supply.
The center added 1 ton of air after the solar panel was repaired
Air conditioning and 330 fridge.
Although it retains tube lights, they are rarely used.
The center added nine LED lights using solar energy.
Sekhar Raghavan, director of the Rain Center, said electricity consumption has been reduced by nearly three times.
\"To measure our energy consumption, we installed an electric energy meter on one of the hybrid fans.
If you consume 1,000 watts an hour, you consume a unit of electricity.
The fan consumes only 25 watts instead of the usual 75 watts.
The power consumption of refrigerators and air conditioners is half the normal power consumption . \"Mr.
Ramaratnam sasid recommends the establishment of a demonstration energy center throughout the city.
\"We will also hold open days over the weekend and publish details on the use of energy in the public sector,\" he said . \".
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