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platinum jubilee has an led glow

by:Demo     2020-08-19
Decisions of local self-government. T.
Jaleel is here on Monday to unveil the platinum jubilee celebration for the city\'s companies.
Electricity Minister Kadakampally Surendran handed over a memorandum of understanding for the LED street LED Light module project to Mayor V. K.
Flower quilt on function.
LED projects carried out by SIDCO are designed to replace all 84,000 street lights throughout the city in stages with LED lights.
The project will start with GPS measurements of existing street lights in all 100 wards of the company.
Once the agreement is signed, it is expected to complete the replacement of LED lights for all street lamps within 9 months.
Due to the delay in the implementation of the LED street lamp project, the city company twice this year to tender for the maintenance and replacement of existing fluorescent lamps.
As part of this function, poet Sugathakumari unveiled ONV Smrithi manapam at the corporate office.
The mayor gave it to the open air. free (ODF)
Members of the company\'s 21 constituencies made a statement to member Shahi tarur.
The mayor awarded Ayyappan Pillai, a member of the first corporate Council.
As part of the company\'s smart city project, the winners of the painting competition also received prizes.
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