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philips winning market share in led lighting

by:Demo     2020-08-31
The chief executive of Royal Philips said his company is already the world\'s largest lighting manufacturer and is winning the next market share
LED lighting technology.
In a conference call on Monday, Frans van Houten presented revenue for the third quarter, but did not give specific figures on the company\'s global market share.
However, the report shows that in the three months ended September, LED lighting sales increased by 33 percentage points year on year.
They accounted for 30 of the $2.
Philips\'s lighting sales for the quarter were 85 billion.
\"We have to do the right thing,\" he said . \"Mr.
Van Houten said Philips now offers LEDs to consumers in the United States. S.
The cost of working with several major utilities at Home Depot is $5.
\"We see this particular LED Light module being strongly absorbed,\" he said . \".
\"The early adopters of Led are our professional customers, but now we see the rapid adoption of consumers \".
Philips reported third-quarter net profit of 0. 281 billion euros, compared with 0. 105 billion euros in the same period last year, mainly due to costcutting.
Over the past year, the company has cut 4,900 jobs, or more than 114,300 of its total. Sales fell 3. Between 4% and 5 euros.
62 billion, but mainly because of the impact of the strengthening of the euro.
If there is no monetary effect, sales will rise by about 3 percentage points, Philips said.
The data were better than analysts expected, especially in China and India, where shares rose by six.
3 cents to 25 euros.
A deal in Amsterdam.
All departments of the company show a stronger operating profit, but the biggest improvement is the lighting department of the company, strong LED sales and lower restructuring costs have LED to a loss of 0. 14 billion euros in profits from 14 million in the same period a year ago.
In its consumer goods sector, which sells razors, toothbrushes, baby bottles and coffee machines, operating profits have increased from 0. 102 billion euros to 63 million euros due to lower restructuring costs.
High sales in Philips Healthcare
Operating profit for terminal imaging equipment was EUR 0. 283 billion, up from EUR 0. 255 billion.
Due to the recent confrontation in the United StatesS.
Budget and debt ceiling, customers are \"very, very reluctant to make strong capital commitments \".
Said Van Howton.
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