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philips says new led light bulb is more efficient, greener than fluorescent lighs

by:Demo     2020-08-15
In this photo provided by Philips on Thursday, April 11, 2013, Rifat ikmet, a scientist at Philips Research Laboratory in Eindhoven, Netherlands, was photographed holding a prototype of a new tube LED light developed by the company, the lamp can produce white LED Light module of 200 lumens per watt.
The Royal Philips Company (Philips NV) will release a new lamp on Thursday, claiming it will replace the fluorescent lamps that are common in many offices around the world.
In an interview with The Associated Press ahead of the unveiling of the new light on Thursday, the company\'s executive, René van Schoten, said that the LED Light module could not only reduce pollution, energy and money can also be saved. (
AP Photo/Philips, HOSource: APIF you have worked in the office and you may be familiar with the soft glow from fluorescent tubes drifting from the ceiling.
If Philips is right, these lights will soon become history.
Royal Philips NV, the Dutch consumer electronics giant, said it has developed an LED light that will soon be much more efficient than the best fluorescent lamps on the market.
It should also make it cheaper and greener.
According to the global lighting sales leader, this combination will inevitably help LED to dominate the market in the lighting World workplace.
In an interview with The Associated Press ahead of the New release, an executive said that the prototype LED will be mass-produced and will be available on 2015.
Rene van Schooten, CEO of Philips light source, said that in 10 years, led will replace at least half of the fluorescent bulbs in the world, a major source of workplace lighting shortly after World War II.
\"This is an important step forward for the lighting World,\" said Mr. Van Schooten . \".
\"This will bring huge energy savings.
Experts outside Philips said they had long expected led to surpass fluorescent lamps.
However, if Philips\'s prediction is correct, the arrival of the LED in the office will be faster than expected.
The potential impact on energy and cost savings and pollution reduction is significant --
Although toxic materials are used in the manufacture of fluorescent lamps and LEDs.
Of all the energy produced worldwide, electric lights consume more than half of the lighting market.
According to Philips estimates, in the United States alone, about 200 watts of fluorescent lamps are consumed each year.
Cutting that number in half will save 12 billion dollars ($11. 4 billion)
The company said electricity costs and carbon dioxide emissions fell by 60 million tons per year.
Dr. Eugenia Ellis, professor of engineering and architecture at Drexel University, who works with LED devices, said Philips\'s predicted efficiency gains will be impressive.
The cost savings with LEDs may already be significant: Dr. Ellis gave an example of a recent hospital saving $75 000 per year energy bills by switching.
Energy in recent years-
High efficiency lamps manufactured by Philips, Siemens, General Electric, Corey and others using led or lamps
LEDs have made significant progress in the domestic market, replacing many incandescent and halogen lamps.
But because of the high efficiency of the fluorescent bulb itself, so far, LED lights have only achieved a very small foothold in business and industry.
Led is competitive in a heavily used environment where they have a longer life span and a smaller energy advantage.
The new lights will change everything, Philips says.
The technology milestone the company claims to achieve is the ability to produce 200 lumens of light per watt.
Lumens are the standard for measuring the amount of light the lamp throws out within a given area.
According to Mark Hand, technical expert at Philips competitor Acuity Brands, this is about twice the output per Watt of the best fluorescent tubes on the market at present;
He estimated that the best LED lights could be up to 120 lumens per watt.
Corey has released an advertisement for an LED light, saying that in some cases, the lumen power of the LED light reaches 200 lumens.
Mr. Van Schooten said the Philips lights were different.
This will be the first in the market to reach this level of efficiency and function within the normal temperature range, and will be able to continuously produce the same amount of warm white light as comparable fluorescent tubes.
Basically, Mr Van Schoten said, \"you won\'t say, \'If you walk into the room, \'what an interesting light.
\"Projections released by the US Department of Energy in April 2012 showed that the government had predicted that by 2015, the industry\'s LED light efficiency was only 160 lumens per watt.
Mr Van Schooten of Philips said initially the price of LED tubes would still be higher than that of fluorescent lamps.
But given the cost of electricity, increased efficiency in 2015 will make them cheaper in one year than in the current three years.
With the development of each generation of technology, LED lights will further save manufacturing costs and improve efficiency.
\"This case is quite notable, but it will certainly take some time to replace the existing infrastructure,\" Mr Van Schooten said . \".
Philips Lighting sales reached 8 in 2012.
4 billion euros ($10. 4 billion)
In the global market, McKinsey, a consulting firm, has invested 70 billion euros.
Mr. Acuity brands said that Philips\'s 10-
It may even be a pessimistic year.
Although led currently accounts for only a fraction of the company\'s $ us1.
He expects annual sales to grow by 9 billion.
\"The led will definitely take over in 10 years,\" he said . \".
He predicts that led will account for more than half of new sales in 5 years, perhaps 3 years.
\"Ironically, Philips will lose and reap from this change: it is not only the largest manufacturer of LEDs, but also the manufacturer of fluorescent tubes.
\"It is clear that we have to phase out,\" Mr. Van Schooten said . \".
But \"we know it\'s been a while now.
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