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philips and the future of led lighting

by:Demo     2020-08-21
There always seems to be new developments in the world of consumer LED lighting.
I recently had the opportunity to chat with Todd manged, head of product marketing for Philips LED LED Light module fixtures, about the company\'s goals and directions.
Philips introduced ultra-thin bulbs last year.
It looks a bit like a lollipop and enters the market for just under $10 and now retails for less than $8: a classic case of driving sales and economies of scale.
Manegold pointed out that the use of this ultra-thin bulb, \"The premise is to reach the price point and increase the price.
\"Since then, Philips has brought a new LED in the shape of a traditional bulb to the market, and this LED has also added Amber LED to mimic the warm glow you get from dimming incandescent lamps.
Manegold commented, \"it looks like an A19 and a real incandescent lamp.
The mantra is that if it looks like A19, it has to work like A19.
If you want it to look like a 60 W bulb, make it work like a 60 W bulb.
We also have this feature in the 40 Watt version, and will introduce this feature throughout the reflector portfolio in the coming months.
Philips launched this new product. to-
The head of Cree has a light bulb that looks and feels like a traditional incandescent lamp, with a warm color of 2700 Kelvin and also dimmable, about 2200 Kelvin.
Product consumption 9.
5 watts of electricity, into the market at $9. 97.
In my local Home Depot, the rebate is less than $5.
I screwed one next to my Cree 60 wattage (
And my GE and TCP 60-
Watt equivalent)
I am satisfied with its performance.
Philips has also launched a new 60-
Only $4 watt LED bulbs.
97 no rebate (
As part of a special event on Earth Day, I bought two packs at Home Depot for this price-these things became very affordable).
Manegold observed that he believes that the LED industry continues to make progress and we will see two trends: first, we will see that the LED bulbs become more cost-effective and within 5 years, we can see that the price of compact fluorescent lamps is comparable.
The bulb itself will continue to improve efficiency, but there is a natural limit: \"You will not see the bulb change from 10 watts to 1 watt.
Perhaps more interestingly, the market is focused on connecting things. An under-
The advantage of Led is that they are solid (chip driven)
So that they can \"talk\" to each other and the wider network \".
Philips recently spent a lot of energy in this field, launching a network lighting product called Hue.
Lighting can also be part of the entertainment network, and it can also be integrated with other technologies in a connected space, whether it\'s your home or a ballroom.
So the hue can connect your light to the Nest thermostat and the smoke alarm.
Nest knows this when you are not at home, and can signal the lights on and off to simulate the presence of the home. Fire?
The smoke alarm can signal a red light, which provides better visibility in a smoky room. Party?
The hue can be linked to the music and change the color with the beat.
Philips has created an open platform that allows others to program applications for Hue, and has developed more than 250 applications so far.
Manegold commented that the open platform brought interesting results.
These things from fun-
Sync with music or with the game my world, touch the lights
The connected light flashes when the phone rings so the deaf know someone is calling them.
Consumers can buy products of different shades according to their own needs.
If the focus is on safety and convenience and you don\'t want to create a disco, you can buy lux-
White adjustable light and control your lights when you are away from home, the starter kit will save you $79. 99 with $19.
99 bulbs each.
It\'s a more expensive value proposition if you want to connect with Nest or create a disco.
To see what Hue can do, I asked Philips to lend me a demo kit.
I set up the bridge to connect to the router and in-home wifi.
Then I load the Hue app onto my iphone.
After that, I screwed it in the office on the third floor and the light bulb in the kitchen on the first floor.
I asked the Hue app to find them after the bulbs entered.
The one upstairs was immediately connected to the system, and the one downstairs was not.
Lesson learned: this is a network where light bulbs communicate with each other, but there are limitations in their connection.
So I screwed a light bulb on the stairs in the middle of the bulbs 1 and 2, which is enough to create a relay network.
Then all the bulbs can communicate with each other.
After that, it\'s time to play: the Hue app has the ability to set alarms and timers for each bulb.
It also let me set the \"scene\" to determine what color the bulb is emitting \".
Rolling your fingers on the iphone screen, you can watch the color changes in real time and present the color on the screen.
It\'s like using a dimmer, but the colors are different.
One scene is a picture of a colored pencil: Slide from red to blue to green, and the lights follow.
Personally, I might just use it for party tricks-a good indication of the limitations of my imagination.
But that\'s not the point.
The key is that LED lighting is solid
It\'s not just lighting.
It represents a connected platform that can interact with a larger ecosystem. system.
The cost will continue to decline.
More use cases will be developed.
More applications will be developed.
In the near future, lighting is no longer just lighting.
It is likely to be an integral part of the future of connected smart homes.
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