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packing an emergency kit? think about using your camping gear

by:Demo     2020-08-16
Are you organizing an emergency preparedness kit after a recent series of shocks? You should be.
But before you run out and buy the premade go-
Bags that are now being removed from the shelves at the local outdoor store, considering remaking their own bags
Use some of your outdoor gear.
\"The camping gear is perfect for earthquakes and other disasters,\" will McSweeney, leader of the local Sierra Club, wrote in an email that he has taught wilderness skills for 20 years
Water purification equipment or tablets, portable stoves, stable food, headlights, tents and sleeping bags, tapestries, strong shoes, warm clothes and other items that you normally camp out are the perfect for your DIY Survival Kit select.
Here are some items that you may enjoy outdoor activities on hand --
In the event of a disaster, this is the perfect choice to perform dual duties.
Boots are a good and sturdy pair that can be worn during a disaster, and even if they are old, the sole no longer provides traction on the trail.
Put them under your bed with a pair of socks for quick access.
Whistle \"is one of the best explosions --for-the-
You can carry buck items with you depending on an emergency or survival situation . \". com.
They make a harsh sound.
Over time, louder than your voice
Get the attention of rescuers or anyone else.
Most backpacks have a chest strap built in.
Flashlight is essential for getting close to your bed and packing your kit.
Headlamps with LED lights provide a stable beam of LED Light module and make room for other tasks.
Remember to bring more batteries.
In addition, throw in a project that uses solar energy and can be charged by LED Light module during the day.
We like Luci inflatable lanterns.
Camping stoves, such as Coleman II-
A burner running on a propane tank, even a small single-
If you don\'t have electricity for a few days, the burner backpack stove, such as the pocket rocket of the MSR, can come in handy.
Water in gallons or larger containers should be stored at home and in the car.
For emergencies that exceed your reserves, consider using iodine tablets, pumps, or extrusion-
Bag water filter or other purification device for handling water that may not be drinkable in an emergency.
Backpackers have been using these things to produce clean drinking water in the wild.
Food choices should include freezing
Dry camping meal with hot water.
\"They last longer than energy bars and canned food,\" says stacelle Howard, an employee at REI Burbank store . \" He teaches emergency preparedness courses in cities.
The first aid kit is essential for your emergency supplies.
American Red Cross website (bit.
Ly/redcross firstaid)
Provide a list of the bandages, antibiotic ointment, gauze, tape and other items that each kit should have.
In the event of a power outage, charging your phone can be particularly challenging.
You can install an external battery or a solar cell. Power charger.
We love the GoalZero 7w foldable solar panel, which fits your kit in size.
McWhinney also recommends supplementing your camping gear with the necessary medication and some tools for the week (
Such as crowbar)
Cash, a local map, and maybe a thumb drive that holds important file scans. A hand-
The Crank radio is also a good idea.
See the recommended add-on for your earthquake kit from the Red Cross (rdcrss. org/2Jq8vCg)and from REI (bit.
Necessities of life).
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