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by:Demo     2020-09-04
Orion Energy Systems
Founded in March 25, 1996, it is a designer and manufacturer of lighting platform.
The company operates through three departments: Orion United StatesS.
Market Division (USM)
Orion Engineering Systems Division (OES)
Distribution Service Division (ODS).
The company studies, develops, designs, manufactures, sells and implements energy management systems consisting primarily of commercial and industrial internal and external lighting systems and related services.
The company is primarily committed to the use of solid-provider and industrial facility lighting transformation solutions in North America
State LEDs (LED)technology.
Its main customers include national accounts, energy services companies, electrical contractors and electrical distributors.
The USM Department develops and sells its commercial lighting systems and energy management systems to the wholesale contractor market.
Its USM customers include domestic energy services (ESCOs)
And electrical contractors
The Es division develops and sells lighting products for the company\'s commercial LED and high-intensity fluorescence (HIF)
Lighting and energy management systems.
The e-commerce division provides solutions for national accounts, governments, municipalities and schools.
The ODS Department focuses on selling the company\'s lighting products through the manufacturer\'s representative agency and a wide network of North American distributors.
The company\'s products are intended for applications in three major market segments, including commercial office and retail, regional lighting and industrial applications.
The company\'s products are manufactured at a production plant in Manitoba, Wisconsin.
The company\'s commercial office and retail markets include commercial office buildings, retail storefronts, government offices, schools and other buildings with a ceiling height of 10 to 12 feet.
Its regional lighting market includes parking lots, ground parking lots, car dealers and gas stations.
The company\'s industrial facilities market includes manufacturing facilities, distribution and warehouse facilities, government buildings and agricultural buildings.
These facilities include high bay lighting equipment.
The company\'s products include LED door renovation (LDR)
Internal LED High Bay lamps, external LED lamps, intelligent lighting control and other products.
The LDR is designed to replace the existing 4 feet on the office or retail grid ceiling with 2 feet and 2 feet with 2 feet.
The company\'s LED interior high bay lighting products include Harris high bay, Apollo High Bay and ISON High Bay.
The company\'s LED lighting products include Orion ISON category LED exterior area lamps, Apollo LED exterior area lamps and Apollo LED wall-mounted bags.
The Apollo class of LED interior lamps is designed for new construction and renovation projects.
The company offers a range of intelligent building control systems that were either developed by the company under the InteLite brand or purchased from third parties.
These control systems offer two lighting control options (
Such as check-in, day or schedule control)
And data intelligence functions for building managers to record, monitor and analyze the use of space, save energy, and provide physical security of the space.
The company also provides customers with a range of other LED, fu and Induction fixtures to meet their lighting and energy management needs for outdoor applications and private label resale.
The company also offers a range of fees-based lighting-
Provide relevant energy management services to customers, including comprehensive on-site assessment, including review of current lighting requirements and energy usage of customer facilities;
On-site verification (SFV)
During this period, the company tested and implemented its energy management system at customer facilities;
Public utility awards and government subsidy management, where the company assists clients in identifying, applying for and obtaining available public utility awards or government subsidies;
Engineering design, including the design of customized systems according to the customer\'s facilities lighting and energy management needs, and provide the customer with a written analysis of potential energy conservation, lighting and environmental benefits related to the design system;
Project management, including the company working with electrical contractors to oversee and manage all implementation phases from delivery to single facility installation or installation of multiple devicesfacility roll-
Output related to the defined project schedule;
Installation Service and recycling related to renovation installation, the company removed, disposed of and recycled the customer\'s legacy lighting equipment during renovation installation.
The company also provides management and control of power quality and remote monitoring of the systems it installs.
It also sells and distributes replacement fixtures and fixtures to after-sales servicemarket.
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