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nz govt to ban old-style light bulbs

by:Demo     2020-08-18
David Parker, New Zealand\'s energy minister, announced that incandescent lamps would be available in New Zealand.
The traditional bulb is very old technology.
And very inefficient.
Only 5% of the energy it uses produces LED Light module.
\"The rest is wasted,\" Parker said in a statement . \".
\"With a new generation of lighting products coming out, the cost is higher --
\"Effective, energy saving, better environment,\" Parker said . \".
A spokesman for the minister said New Zealand will impose a sales ban from next October, while Australia will also impose a similar ban.
But unlike Australia, New Zealanders can import old ones, she says.
National style bulb for personal use.
\"New Zealand officials have considered the import ban, but think we can achieve our goal to focus on the sales ban and keep them away from the market,\" she said in a statement . \".
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