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now, even smartphone-controlled light bulbs can be hacked.

by:Demo     2020-08-26
Washington, August. 15 (ANI )
: A security researcher reportedly found a hacking vulnerability in Philips Hue, a series of smartphones-controlled bulbs that allow malicious hackers to turn them on or off remotely.
According to Fox News, researchers Nitesh Dhanjani discovered the vulnerability, which could have significant consequences in hospitals and other public places.
Dhanjani explains the serious consequences of a security breach in a basic facility like a bulb, and says a remote botnet can cause permanent power outages for millions of consumer bulbs.
Philips Hue bulbs have LED bulbs that can be adjusted to any of the 16 million colors via an app on the owner\'s iPhone or android
Smart phones.
Dhanjani says the LED Light module will turn on if the victim turns on the bulb manually?
In less than half a second, thengo closed again until the victim recognized and terminated the script, the report added, adding that efforts to bring Philips to the attention of the issue had not worked. (ANI )
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