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news release: senators new led lighting system supports energy conservation, enhances game experience

by:Demo     2020-08-25
Senator Ottawa ()
I am proud to announce that they have worked with Ontario, Ottawa Hydro and Ephesus Lighting to develop new energy sources --Efficient LightingLEDs (LED)
The lighting system at the Canadian Tire Centre provides the organization with direct benefits
Game experience and energy saving ice.
\"The Ephesus Lighting system not only improves the ability of our fans to enjoy the game by seeing players and actions more clearly, but also benefits our organization in many other important aspects, senator President Cyril Lee said.
\"Working with Ontario and Ottawa Hydro, we have been able to make a lot of progress to save the energy needed to build an arena of this size.
These partnerships also enable the organization to operate in a more eco-friendly manner.
In addition, the Canadian Tire Centre was able to recognize savings due to reduced energy demand.
\"Install before the 2014 starts-
During the 15 National Hockey League season, the Canadian Tire Center has replaced its metal halides system with 300 of the Ephesus Arena (watt)and Arena 600 (watt)Series lights.
While reducing the number of fixtures,
Third, the Ephesus Lighting solution has greatly increased the light to 225-foot candles (
Increased by more than 50)
And it is expected to save more than 70 energy.
Ontario puts protection first.
This is one of our cleanest and most expensive hotels
This is a way for companies to reduce energy costs.
SaveONenergy for business programs helps businesses save energy and money, \"said Bob Chiarelli, energy minister.
Ontario remains the leader in energy conservation in North America.
Ontario\'s energy-saving efforts are helping individuals and businesses to reduce energy consumption more actively.
Ontario is estimated to be about 8 conservative. 6 terawatt-
The number of electricity hours between 2005 and 2013-more than the electricity used in the City of Ottawa last year.
The new lighting system is expected to save over 1 million kilowatt hours of energy each year for the Canadian Tire Center, equivalent to 1,745
24 watt bulb
A few hours a day, seven days a week.
\"This particular project and its success clearly shows that businesses, large and small, can benefit by working with Ottawa Hydro and using provincial energy conservation incentives, bryce Conrad, president and chief executive of Ottawa Hydro, added.
\"Thank you to Senator Ottawa and the Canadian Tire Centre for supporting our conservation information and programs so that both customers and Sens fans can experience the impact and beauty of the state --of-the-art energy-
Efficient lighting system.
\"Ephesus Lighting has created LED lighting solutions for nearly 100 indoor and outdoor sports and entertainment locations in North America.
For the mobile of 2014-LED
The NHL season is the first NHL venue to be lit up with a Ephesus LED LED Light module.
Learn more about Hydro Ottawa\'s installation of Ephesus Lighting equipment at the Canadian Tire Centre, showcasing the new system from the Canadian Tire Centre.
Visit the senator\'s website: Engage with senators on Twitter: like senators on Facebook: Follow the senators on Instagram :-end -
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