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new mexico city changing its route 66 streetlights to led

by:Demo     2020-08-18
A city in western New Mexico is upgrading street lights to LED lights, including street lights on Route 66.
Gallup, New Mexico plans to take all the street lights owned by the city from high
Gallup reported independently that the sodium bulb was pressed on the LED LED Light module.
City officials say the new lights will save Gallup about $10 million in 20 years and reduce energy consumption.
\"There will be four to five changes at the top --
Every LED street light has pressure sodium, \"said John mcalist, a project engineer at Engie Services in the United States. S.
\"The cost per truck is about $90 to $100 per truck. . . .
Over the course of the year, we have estimated and guaranteed about $160,000 in energy savings and about $130,000 in maintenance.
\"The project will replace 4,000 street lights and area lights in the city.
According to McAllister, the new LED LED Light module is equivalent to 150 watts, saving more than 60 energy.
And the lights-
When running at the same time-
It lasted 100,000 hours, about 23 years.
The old lights last about 20,000 hours and about 4 hours.
They burned for six years from dusk to dawn.
At present, some sections of the city\'s Route 66 have been mixed with old street lights and LED lights.
In order to make this historic road more energy-efficient, similar changes have been made on Route 66.
In recent years, along the 2,500-kilometer road, more and more electric vehicle charging stationsmile (4023-kilometre)
Some states are even pushing for solar panels and electric buses.
In Illinois, where Route 66 begins, the state has installed a network of electric vehicle charging stations from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River.
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