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music interactive light box

by:Demo     2020-08-15
Hi guys.
This is a LED Light module box that interacts with music (
Or various sounds).
This is my research project on physical computing.
But it seems nice to decorate your home as well.
So I uploaded the step by step process of this project and shared it with you.
Although the design attached here is Christmas related, you can customize it to your liking by turning the Christmas tree into a unicorn, Rainbow, etc.
Prepare all materials and tools for the LED Light module box.
We need this project. . . 1.
Christmas box design (
View attachment)2.
Parts for making card holder (
View attachment)3.
Sparkling wrapping paper (75mm * 90mm)4. Baking paper (75mm * 90mm)5. MIC sensor (1)6. RGB LED (2)7. Arduino Nano (1)7.
Some jumpers wires1.
Put a piece of baking paper in the box to cover the shape of the tree. 2.
Put the sparkling wrapping paper across the street. 3.
Before fixing the LED inside the box, make a crease.
It\'s time to stick the LED on shiny paper.
Make sure the LED should face the paper.
All the lights reflected on this piece of paper will be scattered through this glittering part. 1.
Close the Christmas tree box with double sided tape.
Double sided tape makes it easier to connect different parts together. 2.
After completing closing the box, remove the wires for each LED through the holes on the card board. 1.
Using the microphone sensor Arduino Nano and RGB led, connect each part of the circuit together.
If you don\'t know anything about electronic circuits, you can refer to the circuit picture. 2.
After completing the circuit, copy and paste the following code into the Arduino Software.
= Code = = The LED light that defines MIC_SENSOR monthly const int [6]= {
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7};
Void lightO lightOvoid is invalid (){S pinMode (
Sensor, input); for (int i < 6 ; i ++){pinM }}void loop (){if (!
DigitalR}else {lightO }}void lightO }}void lightO }}1.
Connect the microphone part to the hole of the cardboard holder. 2.
Then close the box by placing the bottom of the cardboard holder.
It\'s time to play your favorite music and enjoy the relaxing dance.
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