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MR16 Halogen Lights Shadowed by MR16 LED Lights

by:Demo     2020-08-07
In today\'s time, we rarely get into residential and commercial properties without seeing MR16 lights, take a closer look and you will find that compared to the previous halogen lights, many of these lights are now LED lights.Once your eyes recover from the brightness of these LED lights, see why these revolutionary lights are sweeping the UK.To accurately explain why the MR16 LED LED Light module is better, we need to study the properties of the MR16 halogen solution.
The center of the light is usually made of pressed glass or aluminum, constantly under pressure.This temperament makes it easy for them to explode.The LED Light module itself is not too bright;The reflective surface enhances and manages the dispersion of lighting.
It can be said that the biggest drawback of these halogen lamps is the light conversion rate.In contrast to light, a large part of the energy is converted into heat.With such a high amount of energy used, this heat can be very strong, creating a very serious fire hazard if the lamp is close to textiles and even wood.
Few people know that halogen lamps also emit a lot of ultraviolet rays, which is harmful to human health.It is true that the glass cover filters most of the UV rays and acts as an \"explosive Shield\" (the term should never be used for daily necessities )....but it\\\'s true!).For example, the GU10 dimmable LED now has the dimming function we desire.
In fact, the technology that allows the LED light to darken is handled within the lamp itself.All we need to do is make sure that the circuit load remains at a low rating greater than the dimmer switch, and we can get the full functionality with zero issues.Of course, based on this, it takes at least 5 lights for each dimmer switch to work.
Of course, a lower voltage solution requires more lights connected to the LED dimmer to ensure the right functionality.Don\'t forget, you also need to use a dimmable transformer.MR16 LED lights are not hindered by the above.
These LED lights operate at cooler temperatures for longer duration, averaging around 30,000 to 50,000 hours.MR16 LED lights are also far less sensitive to vibration and shock than halogen lamps.However, the biggest benefit of these lights is the low cost of use.
The amazing 90% of the power used by these lights is converted into LED Light module.The waste of less power makes them less expensive to use and of course there is no real fire hazard as they do not generate much heat
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