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Low Voltage DC 24V 3.8W Ra80 Linear Round Aluminium Smd Dob Driverless Led Module Pcb Pcba For Ceiling Light Crystal Lamp
1000 pcs
3 years / 5years
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Input voltageDC 24V
Power Consumption 3.8W
PCB Size D21mm*1.2mm
 Luminous Efficiency 95 lm/W
Color rendering index Ra 80
Color Temperature  5700K

Certification Standard

Product Featured In

  1. Energy Efficiency: With low power consumption at 3.8 watts, this LED module provides energy-efficient lighting, helping to reduce electricity costs.

  2. Low Voltage Operation: Designed for DC 24V operation, this module is suitable for low-voltage applications, offering safety and flexibility in various settings.

  3. Linear and Round Design: The module's linear and round design allows for versatile installation options, enabling it to fit seamlessly into various ceiling light and crystal lamp designs.

  4. Uniform Lighting: This LED module provides consistent and uniform illumination, eliminating shadows and hotspots to create an aesthetically pleasing lighting effect.

  5. Low Heat Generation: Thanks to its efficient design, the module produces minimal heat, making it suitable for use in enclosed fixtures and preventing overheating.

  6. Versatile Application: Tailored for use in ceiling lights and crystal lamps, this module adds a touch of elegance to interior lighting designs.

  7. Environmental Benefits: The energy efficiency of this module contributes to lower energy consumption and reduced carbon emissions, making it an eco-friendly lighting choice.


  1. Residential Elegance: Enhance the beauty of your home with the warm and inviting glow of this LED module. Perfectly suited for ceiling lights, it adds a touch of sophistication to living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms.

  2. Crystal Lamp Marvel: Illuminate crystal lamps with precision and brilliance. The high CRI of 80 ensures that the crystals sparkle and colors come to life, creating a captivating visual spectacle.

  3. Commercial Chic: Create an upscale and inviting atmosphere in commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, and boutiques. This LED module's elegant design complements upscale interiors.

  4. Architectural Ambiance: Accentuate architectural features and interior designs with its linear and round design options, allowing for seamless integration into a wide range of architectural projects.

  5. Low-Voltage Flexibility: Designed for DC 24V operation, this module is versatile and safe for use in settings where low-voltage lighting is preferred or required.

  6. Energy Efficiency: With a mere 3.8 watts of power consumption, this module is a beacon of energy efficiency, helping to lower operational costs while delivering outstanding lighting quality.

  7. Driverless Brilliance: Utilizing Driver on Board (DOB) technology, installation is simplified, and potential points of failure are minimized, ensuring reliable and hassle-free lighting.

  8. Heat Management: The use of aluminum in its construction aids in heat dissipation, ensuring that the module operates efficiently and has a long lifespan.

  9. Uniform Illumination: Experience consistent and uniform lighting without shadows or hotspots, creating an inviting and harmonious lighting effect.

  10. Longevity and Sustainability: Thanks to its energy-efficient operation and reduced heat generation, this module enjoys a long lifespan, reducing the environmental footprint by minimizing waste.


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