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month-long wait likely for marine drive’s glow | mumbai news - times of india

by:Demo     2020-09-03
Mumbai: Iconic Ocean Drive (
Nariman points to walking War)
It is unlikely to resume its \"golden glow\" by August 15 \".
The high court of Mumbai had earlier asked the municipal commissioner to replace the extended part of the white LED LED Light module with a yellow LED light and suggested that it be completed by Independence Day.
An official of Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)
Confirm with TOI that they have not yet received a copy of the review order regarding the installation of yellow LED lights during stretching, and they will need about a month to make the necessary changes.
However, the Office of the Municipal Commissioner said that the BMC itself sent a formal communication to EESL on Tuesday in order to install yellow LED lights along the sea lanes as early as possible.
An EESL official told TOI, \"We haven\'t seen a petition for review yet, and we haven\'t received any information from BMC.
However, it definitely takes time for the LED light to change from white to yellow, about a month, as we need to meet the specifications.
Avkash Jadhav, the corporate legal person nominated by Professor Shi Shifu Sena, said, \"this response is disappointing because it clearly shows that the company is not in a position to replace the lights on time.
If they cannot comply with the order within a week, people will wonder what they will do if there is an emergency.
In January, BMC replaced Marine Drive\'s sodium steam light with white LED lights, claiming it would be energy-efficient and cost-effectiveeffective.
But in July, HC suggested bringing the sodium steam LED Light module back and lighting the yellow LED Light module on the iconic section.
\"The Queen\'s Necklace (
Because it is often called a Marine Drive)
It\'s the pride of Mumbai, \"said Chief Justice Mohit Shah.
On August 6, HC instructed BMC to turn the sodium steam light back on by August 15.
However, the EESL company, established by the Ministry of Electricity, submitted a petition for review, urging that white LED lights be allowed to become brighter.
It also said that the prime minister has launched a plan to install LED lights in 100 cities across the country and that Marine Drive will serve as a pilot project.
It also relies on various technical reports to support the argument that sodium steam lamps are not the environment --friendly.
However, it is observed that the yellow light must be maintained on the Queen\'s Necklace, and HC allows the use of yellow LED lights to replace the yellow sodium steam light that walks along Ocean Avenue.
HC\'s order to review the petition made it clear that, since the discontent was that the white LED light did not send enough light on the promenade, the municipal company may change the white light on a short section of Ocean Avenue, and assess lighting in the presence of the chairman of the Mumbai Heritage Protection Committee. If the non-
The white LED light is considered satisfactory and the remaining white light will be
The whole white spot is from Nariman.
If that\'s not the case.
The white LED light cannot provide enough lighting on the promenade and the sodium steam light will be restored according to HC\'s order of July 2, 2015.
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