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mitsubishi electric\'s new lighting system mimics blue skies, sunrises and sunsets

by:Demo     2020-08-18
Mitsubishi Electric\'s new lighting system imitates the blue sky, sunrise and sunset and will enhance indoor lighting through the sky
Like to adjust the depth and color according to the time of the day to make the interior space feel bigger and more open-
Mitsubishi Electric, September 26, 2018 (TOKYO:6503)
Announced today that it has developed an indoor lighting technology that simulates daily changes in natural light from sunrise to Blue Sky to sunset.
The system consists of thin panels and frames measuring less than 100mm and contains a proprietary edge
The lighting method of emitting LED lights from the side of the lighting panel to obtain a high level of natural LED Light module with Sky depth and color.
Mitsubishi Electric will display its new technology at the Makuhari Messe exhibition center in Chiba, Japan on October 16.
The expected commercial launch time will be announced later.
Modern workplaces are being upgraded to create a comfortable environment that stimulates and inspires employees.
This includes enhancing the lighting of offices that have darkened or covered windows or have no windows at all.
Unlike traditional LED lighting systems, Mitsubishi Electric\'s new system produces highly natural light, including colors similar to sunrise and sunset and blue sky, creating a sense of depth, make the interior feel bigger and more open. Main Features1)
Thin Packaging produces light of depth and color similar to the real sky * edge
The lighting panel emits LED LED Light module from the side to simulate the Reilly scattering effect of the sky, which occurs when sunlight shines on atmospheric molecules during the day and is briefly scattered
Longer than wavelength blue LED Light module-
The wavelength is red, and the sky looks blue from below.
* Panel and frame thickness combination measurement is less than 100mm, comparable to the general lighting equipment, suitable for wide-
It is widely used in offices and public facilities.
In addition, panels can be tiled to cover large ceilings. 2)
Copy the color of the blue sky, sunrise and sunset * LED light source color is automatically controlled throughout the day to copy the daily conversion of natural light from sunrise to noon sun to sunset.
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Mitsubishi Electric.
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